Shahid Kapoor brings coffee beans for his contestants of Jhalak Reloaded from his honeymoon trip


The newly-wed Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor treated the contestants of Jhalak Reloaded with his favourite coffee bean, that he had brought from his honeymoon trip in London.

The Shandaar actor loves coffee and drinks around 8-10 cups a day to relieve himself from shooting stress. He has tasted all types of coffee beans across the world and picks some whenever he visits any new place.



People close to Shahid say that “Shahid picks various kinds of coffee while travelling abroad. He is fond of gourmet coffee. In fact, the actor is also quite an expert on coffee-making and can hold forth on everything from how to brew it better to enriching the taste.”

While returning from his London trip with wife Mira Rajput, Kapoor didn’t forget to get something for his contestants back home. The judge of the reality show, Jhalak Reloaded impressed his contestants with his favourite, pricey and the most exquisite ‘Davidoff’ coffee bean gift.  The Davidoff Cofee, which costs Rs 500-800 per 100 gm, is now a part of Shahid’s gourmet collection.

shahid-kapoor coffee

An inside source from Jhalak Reloaded team said, “The Jhalak unit keeps shooting round the clock and they feel lethargic during the night. The reality show has an exhausting and extremely gruelling schedule which goes on for two shifts sometimes. Shahid himself often feels sleepy and has to have several cups of coffee to stay awake and alert. It was very generous of the actor as he must have spent a small fortune buying the stuff for the entire team.”

Besides judging the reality show, the actor is waiting for his film, Shandaar‘s release in October this year. He is also working for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon along with Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan.


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