Shah Rukh Khan’s reactions to Salman’s rape remakrs


Shah Rukh Khan has refused to be drawn into the controversy over Salman Khan’s rape remarks.

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When asked to comment, SRK avoided answering to the question saying that he himself had made several ‘inappropriate’ comments in the past and, therefore, wasn’t qualified to comment on others.

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Said SRK, “In the last few years, I have come to realise that I have made so many inappropriate comments myself. I don’t think I am someone to sit in judgement for somebody else’s comment.”

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He added, “It is not about taking a side or not taking a side. I myself talk a lot, so who will sit and judge and decide who should do what. Those who want to do something, they should decide it for themselves. Personally speaking, I don’t think I am anyone to be making a comment. I am so inappropriate myself.”

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(Inputs from Indian Express)


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