Shah Rukh Khan faces brutal trolling for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at home, asked to change his name


Ganesh Chaturthi was recently celebrated by most Bollywood stars with considerable fanfare. Plenty of big Bollywood names had arrived at the house of Mukesh and Tina Ambani to celebrate the festival when Asia’s richest business family organised the puja at Antilia on 2 September. Among the notable absentees was Shah Rukh Khan, who later informed how he had celebrated the famous Hindu festival at his house in Mannat in Mumbai. This led to a brutal trolling of the Bollywood star on Twitter.

Shah Rukh Khan

Taking to Twitter, Shah Rukh wrote, “Pooja done….Visarjan done. Ganpati Bappa Morya!! May the happiness of the world and beyond come into every household & for every family.” Photos shared by Shah Rukh showed his little son AbRam performing puja. 

However, no sooner did Shah Rukh share the photos of his Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, he began to face incessant trolling on the microblogging site. His haters, mostly Muslims, questioned his faith while some even advised him to change his name.

Shah Rukh, also known as SRK, is married to Gauri and has three children, Suhana, Aryan and AbRam. Shah Rukh has always spoken about teaching his children to love and respect all religion. In an interview in the past, Shah Rukh had said, “My parents introduced me to everything. It was a refugee colony where I lived. So my parents used to be equally happy if I used to go to Ramleela or for Eid celebrations. Those ways, you learn and respect and love each other because you learn each other’s religion on your own. So, I hope my children do the same. My memories and my thinking are for them!”


  1. What bad is there in this,ok we can agree in one way from one side.but when we are speaking about equality??? Where????
    Religion are made by us not by God. Come on yaar.dont allways comment on others.think positively and why to should learn everything. Let them and we enjoy each moment.but plz not by scrolling unnecessary.

    • You are totally religion is the path to God and religion is not made by humanity. But, false idol gods are. Where God says in AL Qur’an : ” Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.” surat al Imran chapter 3 : verse 19. Kids are a test for parents by God. So, it’s compulsory for parents to guide their children the path of guidance.

  2. Happy to aethist, dont have hate for any one, i don’t know what you have learned from religious books carry so much of hatred, common for all religions


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