Sexual harassment allegation: Full blown war between Kangana Ranaut and Sonam Kapoor


Actress Kangana Ranaut has landed herself in yet another episode of controversy after actor Sonam Kapoor implied that it was hard to take her seriously.

Kangana Ranaut

Sonam, who was taking part in a Vogue We The Women conclave in Bengaluru, was asked to comment about Kangana Ranaut’s allegations that filmmaker Vikas Bahl sexually harassed her in the past. To which, Sonam said, “I think Kangana wrote something. Kangana is obviously Kangana Ranaut. She says a lot of stuff and sometimes is hard to take her seriously. I love the fact that she has spunk and she says what she believes. I really respect for that. I don’t know him, I don’t know the situation. If what is written what is written is true, then it’s disgusting and awful. If it’s true, then they should be punished for it.”

Kangana was the lead actor in Vikas Bahl’s Queen. However, many questioned why Kangana had not chosen to taken about her alleged sexual harassment in the past. Kangana’s allegations against Bahl came after a junior employee of Phantom Films, co-owned by Bahl, accused him of sexually attacking him in her hotel room in the past. This had led to the dissolution of Phantom Films.

Reacting to Sonam’s comments, an angry Kangana lashed out at the Veere Di Wedding actor. Adding that Sonam was a star because of being the daughter of Anil Kapoor, she told Pinkvilla website, “What does she mean by saying, ‘it’s hard to believe Kangana’? When I am sharing my Me Too story, who gives her a right to judge me? So, Sonam Kapoor has the license of trusting some women and some she won’t. What makes her so unsure of my claims? I am known to be an articulate person and I have represented my country in many international summits. I am called as a thought and youth influencer to these summits, I am not known because of my dad I have earned my place and credibility after struggling for a decade.”

Reacting to the sexual assault of a junior female employee of the company, Kangana had  claimed that she was aware of Bahl’s addiction for sex. The Queen actor said that Bahl behaved inappropriately with her during a trip to Goa. Kangana said that she had believed the woman when she was sexually attacked by Bahl but hoped that the movement will catch up. Saying that she had supported Bahl’s alleged victim, Kangana said that Bahl denied her a role in his next project, which was about a Gold medalist athlete from Haryana, because of her support to the woman.



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