Several ‘tiny Kim Jong-uns’ detected after Sambit Patra reverently calls Narendra Modi Supreme Leader


BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra is not new to stoking controversies. He has routinely been in the news ever since his name was announced as the BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate from the Puri parliamentary seat. The latest controversy caused by the Patra is how he addressed Narendra Modi as the Supreme Leader of India. This has led many to conclude that Patra may have already hinted at the death of democracy in India if the BJP won this year’s polls.

Sambit Patra

Speaking to NDTV, Patra said, “Each (BJP) candidate contesting across India represents a miniature version of Modi. We are fighting not with our name. We are fighting with the name of our Supreme Leader, Narendra Modi.”

Patra was replying to an allegation by his BJD rival, Pinaki Mishra, who had taunted the BJP candidate by saying that BJP promised to field Modi from Puri but instead sent its controversial spokesperson to contest.

No sooner did the video of Patra addressing Modi as the Supreme Leader surface on Twitter, it evoked strong reactions from social media users, many of whom detected early signs of dictatorship in India after 23 May 2019, if the BJP returned to power.

One user Shubham IND wrote, “They’ve started calling him Supreme Leader already.#SaveDemocracy before it’s too late.” User Anuradha tweeted, “Wait what he called him, “SUPREME LEADER”.Please note the early signs of dictatorship.” “They are behaving like what used to be in Fuhrer’s Germany #Supreme leader,” commented a Twitter user Janta Janardhan.

User Vineet wrote, “Modi is our ‘supreme leader’ and all BJP candidates are his ‘miniature versions’, says Patra. I am already imagining so many tiny Kim Jong-uns.”


  1. SAMBITUDDIN Patra is a child of India’s CHOKIDAR CHOR HAI BAAP .He has said this in the prence of hundreds of people in argument with Kanaiya Kumar of JNU.His words MODI PURE INDIA KA BAAP HAI(means CHOKIDAR Chor hai is owner of India this election is for window dressing to show the world other wise there will be no election after this but India will be called democratic but it’s owners will be FENKU CHOKIDAR CHOR HAI & TADIPAR CHOKIDAR CHOR HAI & CHAMCHAS LIKE SAMBITUDDIN PATRA & KHAKHI CHADDI MEMBERS.


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