Setback for Siddharth Shukla as Krushna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show and former Bigg Boss winner Shilpa Shinde declares Asim Riaz ‘Best’


In another setback for Siddharth Shukla, Krushna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show and former Bigg Boss winner Shilpa Shinde have thrown their weight behind Asim Riaz. While Krushna said that he detected winning qualities in Asim, Shilpa said that the contestant from Jammu and Kashmir was the ‘best.’

Siddharth Shukla

A video shared on Twitter showed Krushna saying, “As for the winning quality, I find Asim better than others. Asim and Arti (Singh). I found Asim the best because he also doesn’t pick fights unnecessarily. He also doesn’t indulge in nonsense.”

Krushna had recently entered the Bigg Boss house to meet his sister Arti.

In another video, the winner of Bigg Boss season 12, Shilpa Shinde, too was seen endorsing Asim. Shilpa was seen saying, “..Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai have done shows on Colors TV, but nobody knew Asim. The way he’s playing, I think he is the best.”

She also launched a veiled attack on Colors TV by alleging biases in favour of certain contestants. She said, “A contestant can do anything if he has the support of the TV channel. His action will be justified.”

Shilpa’s comments assume significance given that she has been a top TV actress and has won the same reality show. Colors TV has come under condemnation on several occasions for its biases in favour of Siddharth, who was found to be abusive and violent. Siddharth was punished twice for physically assaulting Mahira Sharma and Asim Riaz.

Host Salman Khan too faced criticism for choosing to look the other way and not admonishing Siddharth. At one point, Siddharth was seen showing Salman his place during one of the episodes of Weekend Ka Vaar.


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