Setback for Arnab Goswami as Mumbai Police name Republic TV owners as accused in TRP scam; after Republic TV founder launched extraordianry attack on Salman Khan


In a huge setback to Arnab Goswami, the Mumbai Police have officially termed the owners and executives of Republic TV, News Nation and Maha Movie as accused in the TRP scam. The revelation came to light after the Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police informed a local court in Mumbai on Saturday. Not too long ago, Goswami had launched an extraordinary attack against Bollywood actor Salman Khan by calling him a ‘senior citizen.’ Salman too had taken an indirect dig at the controversial TV anchor.

This was after the Mumbai Police sought the extension of two individuals, already arrested in the TRP scam, through a remand plea filed before a magistrate court.

A report by Hindustan Times said that the Mumbai Police had refused to divulge the identities of those individuals named as accused from Republic TV, News Nation and Maha Movie in the TRP scam. “We have not named anyone specific yet,” Milind Bharambe, joint commissioner of police (crime) was quoted as saying.

Goswami had sent a defamation notice to Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh claiming damages worth Rs. 200 crore after the Supreme Court was informed that Arnab Goswami was not named in the FIR as an accused. This is the first time since Singh’s extraordinary press conference on the TRP scam that the Mumbai Police has named Republic TV, News Nation and Maha Movie as accused in the TRP scam.

According to a report by The Indian Express, the Mumbai Police have, so far, arrested nine people in connection with the scam, adding that one individual identified as Abhishek Kalawade and his accomplices had allegedly accepted money from Republic TV, News Nation and Maha Movie channels.

Meanwhile, Arnab Goswami, who was asked to appear before the cops on Saturday, skipped a personal hearing. His lawyers, who appeared on his behalf, had requested an exemption of their client’s personal appearance. The Mumbai Police have now fixed the next hearing for proposed chapter proceedings initiated against Goswami on 7 November, when the Republic TV founder would be expected to make a personal appearance.

In other developments over the weekend, the Mumbai Police grilled two Republic TV representatives namely Shawan Sen and Niranjan Narayanaswami at NM Joshi Polcie Station.


  1. Salute to Bombay police for timely action against Arnab Goswamy the, Horrible Godi Gpori media Safron fanatic Taliban, who is spreading too much hatred, poison amongst various communities by propagating falsehood stories of Andhbhakats. Maharashtra provides 35% revenue to Delhi Govt. Safron Republic TV fanatics under horrible gowswamy is bent to to put maharashtra on firethrough worst falsehood propaganda

    • Arnav is top class journalist. No one can compare to him. MH government is ruled by congress and NCP. Udhaw is a tiutular head shielding Aditya for his link with Riya.

    • Shame on Mumbai police for the cover up in Palgarh killing, Susana Singh Rajput killing and Disha
      Killing. Double Shame on police for TRP scame and the way they have framed the case. I pray to god for impartiality of the High and Supreme courts. Where Shiv Sena and it’s collaborating friend will be exposed. Power makes people current..

  2. Is Maharashtra Government a Nazi dictatorship?? Open assault on democracy by Mumbai Police. The police has become the breaker and destroyer of law and order in Mumbai. Impose President Rule immediately in Maharashtra.

    • What about Arnab defamed film stars, Rhea and sandip singh without any proof and announced Sushant ‘s death as murder by himself?? Everyone had proved Arnab wrong…this is not freedom of Media…this is the ego, proud of Arnab that he is above our law. And above all defaming param bir singh, yelling daily on his channel. Come on Arnab pass IPS exam first then shout and blame. Becoming journalist is very easy.

      • Why frustration for Mumbai police? Why the Maharashtra police helped,pushed the Hindu sadhus to be killed Instead of saving them from the frenzy mob? What was the punishment given to the police higher officials? Why Mumbai police not curtailing the free supply of narcotic substances, drugs to public?

    • Are you joking?? Freedom of speech doesn’t give me opportunity to abuse you on this platform. (Atleast me as a common man can have this understanding, which journalist have clearly forgot) media is not over the law. Stay in limits, don’t run propeganda and don’t be baised, those are now unknown traits of journalism this days.

  3. Y don’t u publish a news where mumbai high court has told india today to pay 5 lac regarding BAAARc case…… And mumbai civil court has allowed Arnab Goswami to use hansa research team report

  4. Salman Khan is a big Goonda. Bollywood is a gang of Goondas. An honest journalist exposed Goondagiri of Bollywood. He is paying the price. MH Govt and Mumbai police are Chamchas of Bollywood

  5. Yes. This MH Govt which is behaving like Bollywood’s agent must go. Mumbai police top brass must be transferred. Bravo Arnab.

  6. The scam may be a fake scam orchestrated to ensure Republic is dragged into it.
    Proof: when Mumbai announced the scam with fake allegations on Republic, Lutyens danced & celebrated joyously.
    But when CBI says , no need of doing Mumbai, I will do full India, the same people are blocking CBI.

  7. Republic republic and republic i mean which republic are we so obsessed with Republic news or Republic of India its high time that in the name of free press we stop discussing personal stories in prime time debates and its a request to all media publication stop the mud slinging …you have all made yourself a laughing stock

  8. Where hell have you been? Still stuck on this old news be cause you can’t find anything else? Maybe you should watch Republic for latest news.

  9. Arnab is son of an Army officer. I have full trust on him..Yessss.. He shouts too much..But how can you support Uddhav Thakarey, who is in hand in gloves with thugs like Sharad Pawar, Sonia Gandhi, who ruined our country.


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