‘Sensex of humour’ nosedives after Bombay Stock Exchange threatens to take legal action against comedian Kunal Kamra


The Bombay Stock Exchange on Saturday threatened to take legal action against popular comedian Kunal Kamra after he posted a satirical post ‘Do not vote for Modi’ by using an image of its building.

Kunal Kamra

The BSE took to Twitter to express its displeasure and warned Kamra of legal action. Its tweet read, “A fake morphed photo against a political party using BSE building has been shared by @kunalkamra88.BSE is extremely disappointed at unfortunate,unauthorized & illegal use of BSE buildg fr nefarious activities.BSE reserves right to take appropriate legal action agnst.”

Kamra responded to the BSE tweet and reminded it that his original post using the latter’s building to write ‘Do not vote for Modi’ was part of his satire. He wrote, “Sensex of humour is down by many points,” before enquiring if WiFi facility was available in jail.

On 14 April, Kamra had posted a series of carefully edited photos by using the images of the Black Hole and the Indian freedom struggle to urge people to not vote for Narendra Modi.

Taking his comedy to a new level, Kamra had later posted another set of photos, where he appeared with a poster bearing the words ‘Do not vote for Modi’. This including the comedian sitting next to Modi himself inside his official residence in Delhi. Needless to say that all the images had been morphed for comic effect.

While Kamra’s hilarious posts have gone viral on the microblogging site, social media users were left wondering why the BSE could not see the satirical element in the comedian’s post using the stock exchange building.


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