“Second stage of stupidity”: BJP leader fires from pistol to send coronavirus away during PM Modi’s 9 PM event


A video of BJP leader firing in the air from her pistol to send the coronavirus away during the Sunday night’s 9 PM lighting event has gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, BJP leader Manju Tiwari was seen firing in the air in celebration of the much-publicised ‘9 PM 9 Minutes’ event called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

हवाई फायरिंग

The UP Police is believed to have filed an FIR against Tiwari, who had first shared the video from her social media page. Faced with widespread condemnation, Tiwari issued an apology with a bizarre justification of her act. According to Tiwari, she got carried away by the event and said it felt a lot like Diwali celebration to her.

“I saw the entire city illuminating with candles & earthen lamps. I felt like it was Diwali & fired in the air out of jubilation. I accept my mistake and apologise for it,” Tiwari was quoted by news agency ANI.

Her video evoked plenty of condemnation from social media users with many terming her action as the ‘second stage of stupidity.’

Tiwari wasn’t alone in her ‘stupidity’ as many BJP supporters in Delhi and Noida used the opportunity to burst firecrackers during the nine minutes when they were expected to light earthen lamps or flash mobile phone lights. Not only did the firecrackers cause air pollution, but they were also responsible for causing a fire at Sholapur Airport.


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