Twitter analysis of Narendra Modi before and after becoming PM reveals BJP’s agenda for 2019 polls


The Twitter activity of Narendra Modi increased three times after becoming the prime minister with his emphasis on ‘patriotism’ also experiencing similar growth after he came into power in May 2014.

Narendra Modi

Political satirist Akash Banerjee said that he analysed 17,890 tweets posted over the period of eight years by Modi using his Twitter account and stumbled upon some shocking conclusions. Banerjee said, “In fact PM Modi has tweeted THREE TIMES MORE than what CM Modi used to; in a similar 4yr span of 2010-14.”

This wasn’t the only conclusion he drew after his analysis. Banerjee, also a former executive of Radio Mirchi, said in his video blog, “Earlier Modi’s tweets on patriotism, Bharat Mata Ki Jai type, used to constitute just 15% of his total social media posts on the microblogging site. This increased to a whopping 45% after 2014 (when he became the prime minister).

“This clearly gives you an indication on the agenda for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls because his tweets on his famous word ‘development’ formed just 10% of his overall tweets. The same development agenda that Modi had used to win 2014 elections.”

Another ‘sensational revelation’ Banerjee came across during his analysis was that 28% of Narendra Modi’s tweets as prime minister were on wishing people ‘Happy Birthday.’ “In essense, our prime minister is that uncle type man, who never misses an opportunity to send good morning messages and if you don’t respond, then he will also feel bad.”

Before becoming the prime minister, some of the most popular tweets posted by Narendra Modi were on China, Pakistan and petrol price hike. Banerjee said that his tweets adopting a hawkish approach on China and Pakistan while implying that the two hostile neighbours were out to occupy India were retweeted over 7,000 times.

“However, from 2014 onward, Pakistan and China no longer remains the most popular tweets on Modi’s Twitter timeline. Instead, it’s his fitness video tweet in ‘different poses’ that was shared over 27,000 times. The Supreme Court gives its verdict on Triple Talaq, Modi congratulates. This was retweeted over 22,000 times. Modi’s tweet congratulating Indian cricket team on their victory gets retweeted over 20,000 times.”

Since becoming the prime minister, Narendra Modi used fuel price hike in his tweet just once, price rise six times, NPA and farmers’ suicide twice in the last four years. He did not post a single tweet on rapes, punish corrupt or bureaucracy.”




  1. The conclusion is all issues as opposition leaders lost shine & corns after Modi becoming PM. Why? He knows he has not much to offer. Where gopher offered was like note panda or GST with big holes. So thought better to congratulate or wish every morning people. Or raking up patriotism among people. That too not real but of RSS brand.


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