Sara Ali Khan smitten by Asim Riaz’s abs inside Bigg Boss house, but faces criticism for biases in favour of Siddharth Shukla


On the weekend ka vaar episode this weekend, Sara Ali Khan was seen smitten by Asim Riaz’s abs after she entered the Bigg Boss house. The Simmba actress also faced criticism for toeing the Colors TV line in showing biases in favour of Siddharth Shukla.

Sara Ali Khan

Sara, who entered the Bigg Boss house with her Love Aaj Kal 2 co-star Kartik Aaryan, took male contestants out for a task where two housemates had to go head-to-head in a challenge selected by the two guests. The first two contestants to go were Asim Riaz and Vishal Aditya Singh.

Sara asked them to perform a breakdance. The majority of housemates felt that Asim was better than Vishal. As part of the task, he had to push Vishal into a ‘rejected’ area. As Asim performed his breakdance, Sara was seen repeatedly asking Asim to show his abs but Asim did not oblige.

Sara was seen urging Asim while pointing to her own hips, “Asim, show me some abs during your breakdance.” Asim said that he had eaten a lot since morning. To which, Sara said, “That doesn’t matter at all.

The next to challenge Asim was Paras Chhabra with both contestants being asked to drape a saree. Sara announced that Asim was quick to drape his saree. Announcing Asim as the winner of this round too, Sara said, “Ok, clearly we have a winner. Since I am myself a girl, I feel I can definitely make a decision on this. I feel Asim has won this round.”

In the last round, Sara called Siddharth Shukla to compete with Asim but she told him to take off his shirt. This time, Asim could not refuse as he wasted no time in removing his shirt. It was here, a comment made by Shehnaaz Gill did not appear to please Sara as she reacted with a sense of exasperation.

Shehnaaz said, “I had told you this before.” She was perhaps hinting that Asim will win this round too by impressing Sara with the display of his abs. Sara reacted sharply as she asked, “What had you said Shehnaaz ji?” Shehnaaz replied, “That he will take off his shirt to impress you.”

As part of the task, both Siddharth and Asim were expected to show who could showcase the pelvic-thrust step better. Sara declared Siddharth the winner even though Asim politely protested against the decision. But this time, Sara climbed the stage to personally push Asim into the pit full of plastic balls. She held Asim by his arms and pushed him into the pit.

Sara appeared to be smitten by Asim’s abs and fit body. However, her decision to declare Siddharth the winner did not go down well with Asim’s fans on Twitter. Many felt that Sara was under pressure from the makers of Bigg Boss to declare Siddharth the winner even though his performance was nowhere as good as Asim’s.

While leaving the house, Kartik was seen wishing Asim all the best. Love Aaj Kal 2 is scheduled to release on 14 February this year.


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