Sara Ali Khan reveals what she would like to steal from Kareena Kapoor, disapproves paparazzi hounding Taimur


Sara Ali Khan has been dominating media headlines for last several days ever since the trailer and Sweetheart song of her debut film Kedarnath were released. Aside from the controversy surrounding the release of her film, she has also been in news because of her media interactions and trip to London to meet his brother Ibrahim Ali Khan with mother Amrita Singh.

Sara Ali Khan

While in London, the star kid also took time off to give her first ever interview to BBC. Sara opened up about her relationship with Kareena Kapoor and said that her stem-mother was a ‘good wife and mother.’

She said, “I think Kareena has an immense amount of balance in the way what she does. She’s a mother and I think she’s a good mother. And I think she’s a good wife. And despite that she’s one of the most professional women that I know. She shot pregnant, she shot right after giving birth. So I think, more than stardom because I don’t think stardom is not what one aspires for. What one aspires for is to have a fulfilled life. Films for me and for her is I think is a very large aspect of that fulfilled life.”

Her appreciation for her step-mother simply shows the magnanimity of the young actor. She did not step here. Sara Ali Khan went on to reveal her ‘stealing points’ from Kareena. She said, “Even though she handles the paparazzi with immense amount of panache, that’s what I am trying to imbibe from her. What I am trying to imbibe from and will endeavour to achieve one day is the balance she has. That’s what is my stealing point from Kareena.”

Sara also said that she did not appreciate paparazzi constantly hounding her step-brother Taimur Ali Khan. She said, “That is a little much in my personal opinion. Then again, there’s anything you can control. It’s just the way things have become now.”

Earlier, Sara had also talked about nepotism in Bollywood while conceding that she was a beneficiary of it. She, however, had said that the tonality of nepotism conversations had become a little too harsh.


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