Will Allah put me in hell because I wore sindur, actor Sana Sheikh to her critics


Popular TV actor Sana Sheikh has taken to Facebook responding to her critics, who questioned her decision to wear sindoor and mangalsutra  in her TV character for the show Krishnadasi, where she’s playing the character of a tribal girl.

She wrote on Facebook, “There are people who bash me asking why do I put sindoor after pack up. (btw it goes off only when i wash my hair), even if I wear it by choice. does it make me less of a Muslim.. my Nani and my Mum wore Mangalsutras.. which is a “Hindu thing. (sic)”

Sana Sheikh

She didn’t stop here. Sana asked her critics if by applying sindoor, she had become a ‘less of a Muslim.”

She added, “Does this make us less of a Muslim.. ? I know i am going to get bashed at this too.. All those who r staunch muslims who write to me.. why don’t u get off insta and facebook.. Isn’t this entertainment.. why do u watch my soaps on tv. Isn’t it Haraam.. ? (sic)”

She then posed a question asking if her action would prompt Allah to send her to hell.

She asked, “Will Allah put me in dozzak because i wore sindoor.. ? And will u go to jannat inspite of the fact that u wasted your time on facebook and other entertainment sources and that u gave me hidayat. (sic) ?”

Sana’s Facebook post came in response to a letter (below) from her fan, who questioned her decision to apply sindoor and wear mangalsutra in her TV serial as a Muslim.



  1. sana sheikh ek shaitan ka roop hai ….ek vahiyaat bandi…use to tameez bhi nahi hai how to talk….she is not a muslim…best name that suit for her .. sana shaitan

  2. What about Nargis, Waheeda Rehman, Saira Banu , who played various roles? This is too much! Please do not bring religion in any form of art.Art is a pure form of expression. What about men who are portraying Hindu characters? Every religion goes through transformation and requires contemporary meaning.


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