Sambit Patra’s lack of knowledge on number of zeroes in one trillion leads to embarrassment for Amit Shah


BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra is once again facing considerable social media roasting after a video of his lack of knowledge on the number of zeroes in one trillion went viral. Patra was taking part in a programme organised by ABP News channel ahead of the assembly polls in Jharkhand. He was pitted against a little-known Congress spokesperson Gaurav Ballabh. Little did he realise that Ballabh will expose his inadequacies as a spokesperson thereby causing embarrassment for Home Minister Amit Shah.

Patra’s woes began to compound after Ballabh threw a challenge at him asking him to state the number of zeroes in one trillion. This was in the context of the Centre’s BJP government’s promise to achieve a $ 5 trillion economy for India by 2024. As expected, Patra struggled and desperately sought to divert the topic to hide embarrassment. But Ballabh appeared determined to test Patra’s knowledge on numbers.

A visibly nervous Patra replied, “Let him (Ballabh) first ask Rahul Gandhi.” But this was not enough for him to bail himself out the misery as the Congress representative persisted with his question. Finally, Patra found some help from the ABP News anchor, who asked Ballabh to explain how many zeroes were there in 5 trillion.

Ballabh, who appeared well prepared for this debate, replied, “There are 12 zeroes in one trillion. The ABP anchor appeared to be in a fix since even he did not expect the Congress spokesperson to be so prepared. Ballabh told Patra, “padh likh ke aaya karo (Come after proper study).”

By this time, Patra was beginning to run out of patience and decided to embarrass the Congress by reminding how P Chidambaram was in Tihar jail. “They (Congress leaders) should be ashamed. Here is a guy who was once the home minister and finance minister of the country. He’s had to go to jail on charges of robbery and theft. And these people are asking me how many zeroes are there (in one trillion).”

Ballabh interjected mockingly, “My brother (Patra) has got irritated because he could not tell me how many zeroes are there in one trillion. Don’t worry. Next time you can come after proper research. By the way, what about (Home Minister) Amit Shah. The country’s home minister was once a tadipad. Do you know what tadipad means? It means that the person is not fit to live in our society.”

The video of Patra being slammed by his Congress rival has gone viral on social media platforms. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi too shared the video on Twitter with a thumbs-up emoji before she deleted the tweet.

The RJD tweeted the video from its official handle and asked if Patra had deliberately prompted the Congress spokesperson to raise the past of Amit Shah to take a revenge against him. According to the RJD, Patra has been upset over allegedly being sidelined by Shah within the BJP.

Meanwhile, Ballabh has become a new social media hero.

Earlier this year, Amit Shah had wrongly addressed Patra as Sandeep Patra while addressing a press conference in Delhi ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.



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