Sambit Patra emerges as favourite political Valentine for social media users


Sambit Patra may be one of the most controversial spokespersons in the BJP, but the politician fom Odisha on Thursday emerged as a favourite contender to become people’s choice for their political Valentine on Twitter.

Sambit Patra

This was after political satirist Akash Banerjee put up a question asking social media users to state the names of their political Valentine. The question evoked plenty of reactions with Patra clearly dominating the people’s choice even from those who did not agree with him politically.

NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan wrote, “Sandeep.” Users were quick to join the dots and imply that she in fact meant Sambit Patra. BJP President Amit Shah had famously addressed his controversial spokesperson as Sandeep Patra last year during a press conference. Interestingly, Patra was once asked to leave the NDTV show by Nidhi after the former accused the channel of running an agenda against the BJP.

Useer Sanjukta Mallick wrote, “One and only Sambit Patra.” User Yusuf Ansari too voted in favour of Patra as he wrote, ‘because he is funny.’ User Sumbul Jahangir wrote, “Sambit Patra.” “Ahahahaha Sambit Patra is my ? but can I be his?” asked user Miss Understood.

Patra also became a topic of Valentine’s Day jokes. One user Saiam Hasan wrote, “She: Will you be my Valentine?? Sambit Patra: Bahut achcha sawaal kiya aapne…par main pahle ye jaanna chaahunga ke pichle 60 saal ke Congress shaasan mein aap chup kyun thi ??
She: Bhakk…”

Valentine’s Day jokes aside, the BJP spokesperson was back in the news on Thursday as he targeted Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for criticising the Supreme Court on its Thursday’s verdict. Terming Kejriwal’s press conference ‘contempt of court,’ Patra said that the Supreme Court’s order explaining the administrative powers of the elected government and the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi was a historic development.

Earlier on Thursday, Kejriwal had lashed out at the Supreme Court, calling its Thursday’s judgement on the administrative powers of the elected government and the LG against the constitution and democracy.



  1. Desh mein berozgaari din doobi Raat chauguni bash Rahi hai , log bhookhon marne vale hain aur chandaalon Ko valentine bakwas se fursat nhi …lanat hai side netaaon pe ..


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