Sambit Patra becomes laughing stock for ‘perversely strange’ tweet on ‘intellectual cell’ meeting


BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on Saturday posted a photos from a party function in Jharkhand, where the saffron party had organised a meeting of its ‘intellectual cell.’ But, little did Patra realise that his tweet on the ‘intellectual cell’ meeting will make him a laughing stock on social media platform.

Sambit Patra

While sharing a series of photos from the meeting in Dhanbad, Patra wrote, “Addressing the Intellectual Cell meeting in Dhanbad today!”

His tweet evoked plenty of reactions with an overwhelming majority of the Twitterati highlighting the glaring irony in his social media post. While some wondered if the BJP, a party associated with jobless trolls, had an intellectual cell, others sarcastically appreciated Patra’s honesty for using ‘exclamation mark’ at the end of his own tweet on ‘intellectual cell.’

User Paul Koshy wrote, “BJP…… And intellectuals…… This is perversely strange.” User Thirtankar B wrote, “Good joke! Laughed after a long time.” User Venkat wrote, “Even @sambitswaraj is surprised…some one called him for “intellectual” meet…hence the exclamation mark at the end of his tweet!” User Bera Amiyaranjan commented, “Ir is really laughable…bjp has a Intellectual Meet….full Party 95% unpad and semi literate ….dare to org, Int. meet … is real fuss: and embarrassing the real intellect group.”

Sambit Patra had emerged as one of the most controversial BJP spokespersons during the campaigning period of the last year’s assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The controversial BJP spokesperson had faced incessant trolling last year when his own party President Amit Shah forgot his name and referred to him as Sandeep Patra.

A court in Madhya Pradesh had issued a warrant against him for poll code violation in December last year. Post election defeats in three states, a section of media had reported that Patra was removed by the BJP from its list of spokespersons. But, the news turned out to be fake, as reported by Janata Ka Reporter.


  1. From when the literate manuwadi s become intellectual s what relations they have with lojic and brains cow dung eaters and go mutra drinkers.


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