Salman Khan’s stunning confession, agrees that Siddharth Shukla is ‘ill-mannered’ and doesn’t respect women


In a stunning development, Salman Khan has finally agreed that Bigg Boss contestant Siddharth Shukla was an ‘ill-mannered’ person, who did not respect women. This stunning confession by Salman came during the Weekend Ka Vaar show on Monday night. Salman’s confession assumes significance in light of repeated allegations that he has always supported Siddharth’s bad behaviour inside the house.

Salman Khan

Starting the show, Salman welcomed former contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee asked her if her opinion about the housemates had changed. Salman asked her, “You’ve watched the show from outside. Has it changed your opinion about the housemates?”

Devoleena replied, “Yes sir.” When Salman asked her to explain, she said, “When we are inside the house, we only get to see one corner and are clueless what’s happening in another corner. But when we see from outside, then we truly understand what’s happening all across the house.”

She continued, “For example, Siddharth (Shukla). I’ve had plenty of fights with him. If I talk about Siddharth then I used to earlier think of him as a very ill-mannered person, who doesn’t respect women. This is how I used to feel about him.”

Salman interrupted Devoleena and said emphatically, “But he is (ill-mannered and doesn’t respect women).”

This prompted Devoleena to correct herself as she said, “Yes, he’s aggressive and has a temper issue. But I used to think that he doesn’t have emotion. But now I know that even he has emotions. All he needs is a good friend.”

Siddharth has had to face incessant criticism for his violent behaviour and misbehaviiour with female contestants in the house. Bigg Boss had to punish him at least twice for physically assaulting Mahira Sharma and Asim Riaz. Many felt that the makers of the show were determined to condone his violence since many contestants had to leave the show for similar actions in the past.


  1. This is what happens..wrongly putting it and defaming ppl. Salmon agreed to devoleena on shukla having temper issues. Devoleena said when she was in the house SHE ASSUMED he was ill mannered but then after watching from outside she gotta know that he has temper issues which makes him look ill mannered.looks like this article is PR WORK OF RASHMI. Nice try. Ppl who follow big boss exactly know who said what

  2. Salman as a host needs to understand before making the statement as I’ll mannered. Last weekend ka war Rashmi was abusing and barking like a dog he did not stop her. Y??? Because she is a women or she is sympathy gainer with all lies she portrays or because Salman knows her personally. I’m truly upset with this statement. When that mad women filled with lies barks like a dog y isn’t he giving her back as Rohit Shetty did during show. While he was speaking to Asim he was with full aggression and he clearly told him about his aggression and stopped him. Y can’t Salman do that being host Y can’t he see mad dogs filled with lies like Asim Rashmi Vishal and Madhurima. We as viewers are keeping close eye on the show and we can clearly see who is being aggressive and who pokes to get Siddharth out of show. We have seen multiple times that mad women doing character assissantion against Sidharth. Y Salman being host didn’t question her because he’s girl or she does the whole crying drama to fool viewers or just because he knows her.

  3. Considering Big Boss show it is very clear that Rashmi Desai has been trying to put allegation and trying to throw siddhart sukla out of BIGG BOSS by putting wrong allegation and frustrating him . She has only one target SIDDHARTH SUKLA OTHERWISE she is useless and not in game.

    • Well u just see rashmi’s fault it takes two to tango i amretty sure that some of the allegations are not false and u must agree sid is an ill manered aggressivr person

  4. What 2 say.. shukhla has become hero in da house.. whatever he do or say is right whether to use abusive words or aggresive behaviour. And the beat part is paras also shame taking advantage of it.. bcoz he know the production and salman are not allow to say anything to shukhla seems he is the hero of the show and bringing trp higher then bfore. Using the abusive and aggression behaviour.. congrats bb13.

  5. We’ll Salman bhai is a great human so i think he is following the script… instead of blaming Salman bhai we should just enjoy big boss.. if we say anything on comments thats not going to change anything inside the house.. just chill janta ?

  6. sid is very good player.sid is very smat eand cut.esana is very beautiful girl.sidnaaz is very good friends and lovers.rashmi is wrog behaviourand target sid.

  7. Yes ofcourse shukla is playing dirty game,he ha no respect for women and not only women but for other co participants too.he likes to be with those who butter him and say yes to to every thing what ever he utter.

  8. Asim Riyaz juat ignore SHUKLA and play your game.donot come between shukla and other contestant you are wrong here and don’t take his name in between bthe fight with any body else

  9. Sid is not ill mannered he is an aggressive kind of behaviour if anyone will poke him or abuse him like anything then definitely he will reply and answer him or her and he is playing well.

  10. Siddharth Shukla is a psychopath who is a danger to society, going by his behaviour in the show. He has serious anger issues and an ego the size of jupiter. His continued acts of violence have gone unpunished by the producers, essentially giving him a carte blanche to physically and verbally abuse contestants.

    His reactions to any action are a hundred times worse in magnitude of aggression and physical intimidation. He seems to have serious mental issues and is clearly in a dangerous state in the house. Unbelievable that he is still in the show after multiple pushes, shoves, verbal abuse (including families of the opponents) and what not,


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