Salman Khan slams Siddharth Shukla for questionable conduct, issues chilling warning for insulting Asim Riaz’s father


Salman Khan on Saturday night minced no words as he held a mirror to Siddharth Shukla and told him that he will be shocked to see his conduct inside the Bigg Boss house once he sees his conduct on video after coming out of the reality show. Salman launched a scathing attack on Siddharth and admonished him for repeatedly insulting Asim Riaz’s father.

Siddharth Shukla

Salman told Siddharth, “Siddharth, now you are pushing it. You are pushing it. What did you say about Asim’s father? ‘Your father did two mistakes. Your brother was his first mistake and you were his second. And the way your father has kicked you out of his house etc’.”

Siddharth sought to explain saying, “Sir, I will tell you why?”

Salman interrupted as he said, “There’s no explanation to this (insult to Asim’s father). What explanation will you give on this? If you give this explanation, this will be a foolish one and you will look like a fool. Whatever happens, you can’t stoop to this level. Even you know this. And you stooped to that low.”

Salman did not stop here as he reminded the age gap between Siddharth and Asim. He said, “If he provokes you, then he’s just 24-25. Does it suit you? Who are you to say that ‘your father has made a mistake called Asim’. Who are you to judge his father? His father may be very proud of his son.”

Salman also threatened both Siddharth and Asim to throw them out of the show. Then came the most scathing remarks by Salman for Siddharth as he said, “Siddharth, when you come out of the show, you will be shocked to see your conduct.”

Salman also informed that Mahira Sharma, Asim Riaz and Vishal Aditya Singh were safe. There are reports that Shefali Jariwala will be evicted from the show. Salman also chided Shefali on Saturday night asking if she will resort to such lowly behavior to get footage.


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