Salman Khan breaks silence on nepotism on Bigg Boss show, launches extraordinary attack days after Arnab Goswami accused ‘Bollywood Lobby’ of killing outsider talent


Salman Khan has used the Bigg Boss platform to lash out at those, who accused Bollywood big names of promoting nepotism days after Arnab Goswami said that talent was stifled by the ‘lobby’ in the Hindi film industry. Goswami’s extraordinary attack for big Bollywood names had come in the aftermath of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

Salman decided to used his show, Bigg Boss, to indirectly hit out at his critics, who accused the Hindi film industry to promote nepotism. Without mincing words, he said, “If my father does something for me, then will that be counted as nepotism? If I do something for my children, then will that qualify as nepotism? Will I say ‘ok, he’s my child? But let him go to hell.’ Will I give away all my bank balance and property to a neighbour’s child but wouldn’t give them to my own child? Is that possible?”

Giving examples of Sanjay Dutt, Rishi Kapoor and Sunny Deol, Salman asked if Sunil Dutt, Raj Kapoor or Dharmendra were wrong to launch their children, adding that they became big stars due to their own hard work and talent.

Addressing Bigg Boss contestants, Salman said, “When this new word nepotism was coined, even I did not know its meaning brothers. Later I learned the meaning that nepotism is when you give work to your own or push your own.”

Salman said that how many big names had launched their children, but they became bankrupt. “Their children didn’t take off. They lost whatever they had earned in their life. You know why? Because the audience did not want to watch them in future.”

Salman also gave an example of Ajay Devgn, whose father joined the Hindi film industry as a struggler before making a name for himself as an action director. “Ajay Devgn today is one of the biggest stars. Shah Rukh Khan sahab came from Delhi, Akki (Akshay Kumar). They all have survived for 30 years because of their hard work,” Salman added.

Salman lost his cool after contestant Rahul Vaidya accused another contestant, Jaan Kumar, of nepotism because the latter’s father, Kumar Sanu, was a legendary Bollywood singer.

Not too long ago, Arnab Goswami had launched a stunning attack against top Bollywood names including Salman as he ran a relentless campaign on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. In one of his TV debates on nepotism in Bollywood, Goswami had said, “Kangana has opened up a can of worms. A Bollywood lobby that no one spoke against is seeing voices speak up now…And it’s not about one actor…The rot, if you analyse it, it seems.. runs much deeper. The malaise is much worse.”

He had asked if the ‘Bollywood Lobby, which can also be more appropriately described as a self-serving mafia’ killed talent.

In one of his TV debates, Goswami had slammed Salman for his silence on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. He had also used disparaging jibes such as ‘senior citizen’ and ‘Bigg Boss of drugs‘ for Salman, prompting the famous actor to take an indirect dig at the TV anchor.


    • You supplied drugs to him? Arnab & Kangana look more high on drugs cause they are like loose cannons who talk utter nonsense even the common man can see through their idiocy!!

      • You are actually blind devotee/fan of Bollywood. You have no rights to reply like this. You never used to think that perhaps some Bollywood stars may hide their ugly characters. Did u ever thought that why this type of incident doesn’t occur in other industry like Hollywood or the small one Kollywood. So don’t just throw out your statement like a blind man walking in a road. Arnab and Kangana both are example of true nationalist which every person in our country must follow. There should another space in our brain for thinking other good tasks of our society/country except Bollywood adda. Your Bollywood doesn’t provide food, shelter, cloths for us u should know. Also u should know that we public people makes those so called stars. Unfortunately some group of people in our country are blind devotees of those Bollywood stars and they will blindly support for them in any case. So we are not along those blind devotees/fans u should know. Well I’ve doubt all those top actors/actresses are very good in nature as we saw in their picture. Do u have any proof that they couldn’t do any bad things behind the camera? Then I’ll support u.

      • The thing is, you are no one to say on the behave of common man. And by the, they are druggies and bluddy illiterate, who consistently pervert their achievement.

    • You are a typical customer of these cheap so called ‘Godi journalists’. Will you handover your business(if you have one) to your own son/daughter or would you prefer someone else’s child?? Be logical!

    • Responsible commenting reads better. Salman is a showman whom audience likes to watch unlike the irresponsible shitty mouth nuisance Arnab and his team.

    • Comments in public sphere are and should be made by wise people and not by heartful and confused minds. I am not worth making comments on Bollywood concerns

    • I’m sure You have watched all of salman hit movies specially Maine pyar kiya Love etc who were immensely popular among girls so don’t give lecture now on drugs or nepotism or how cheap he is.

  1. Salman Ne Ye Kah Kar Sabit Kar Diya Ki Wo Anpad Hai Kyoki Agar Iski Mane To Agar Ek Neta Agar Kisi Aur Hak Maar Kar Apne Kaam Karta Hai To Wo Scam Nahi Hai

  2. No, it’s not bad promoting your own children, but it is outrageous bullying ,humiliating the outsiders and jeopardizing their talents and careers. This did not happen in the good old days. With no promising outsiders around, why are Ananya Pandey, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sara Ali Khan and the like being forced down our throats after one movie and the other. They are all average looking people low on talent who are honing their skills while appearing in successive movies. Where are the beauties like Madhuri,Aishwarya ? Salman in his BB shows always looks down upon talented outsiders and shares bonhomie with nepokids.

  3. Nepotism isn’t giving money or launching your son Mr illiterate. It means snatching opportunity from more deserving talent for chutiya star kids. Ain’t that funny Mr senior citizen. If you take less drugs you might regrow some brain cells.

  4. l Always think we shouldn’t JUDGE anyone thats not a job if anyone does something wrong god wil give them punishment and we dont know who done what without proof dont say horrible things. sushant singh we all know he was murdered still god is watching we pray he gets justice soon
    god always takes good people 1st leave the evil to do more bad deeds one more thing why salman u didnt speak up for SSR case

  5. Salman wanted to bring his innocent side so he took this ‘nepotism’ topic and explained Rahul Vaidya that there is no such nepotism issue going on in the film industry, which is absolutely a big lie. If nepotism does not exist, Jaan Sanu should have been thrown out of the BB show till now. He’s doing nothing in the show but he’s Kumar Sanu’s puthra😆

  6. You are the best and will go on as the best, you know how to deal with the world, your haters are trapped in their own net but you are still the best Salman ji. Best of luck always


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