Salman Khan announces favourite contestant Siddharth Shukla winner despite polling less votes, channel employee alleges rigging


In a shocking claim, a Colors TV employee has said that Salman Khan on Saturday night announced his favourite contestant Siddharth Shukla as the winner of Bigg Boss 13 despite the latter polling less votes than his rival Asim Riaz. The claim was made by one Feriha, who claimed to be a part of the creative team of the Bigg Boss. In protest, she has now resigned.

Salman Khan

Taking to Twitter, Feriha wrote, “I have decided to quit my job at @ColorsTV. I had a tremendous time working with the creative department but I can’t demean myself being part of a fixed show. The channel is keen on making Siddharth Shukla the Winner despite less votes. Sorry, I can’t be part of it. #BiggBoss.”

Feriha’s tweet has gone viral in no time with more than 12,000 users having liked her post with nearly 7,000 retweets. Her other tweet read, “Violence, misogyny, bullying has Won.” This was in reference to Siddharth’s violent abusive behaviour inside the Bigg Boss house.

She alleged that the makers of the show did not want to declare Asim the winner because he was a Kashmiri Muslim. “You will be shocked to know that many (including Endemol CEO Abhishek Rege) don’t want Asim Riaz to win because he’s a Kashmiri Muslim. @ColorsTV you guys are racist. Glad that I didn’t continue my job .. There is never any excuse for racism and we must call it out.”

Neither Colors TV nor Endemol India have issued any clarifications on Feriha’s sensational allegations. Colors TV and Salman have often faced condemnation for condoning the violent and abusive behaviour of Siddharth Shukla inside the Bigg Boss house. Not once had the show’s host Salman Khan chosen to rebuke him, let alone removing him from the show. Salman’s reputation too took a beating as he was seen to be extremely weak in front of a lesser-known TV actor. Many felt that this was because the Bollywood megastar had no choice but to follow the script failing which he ran the risk of losing crores of rupees in fees.

Many had predicted Siddharth to be the winner of Bigg Boss weeks ago in light of brazen biases of Salman and Colors TV.

Asim Riaz had smashed several social media records by winning almost all online polls. Several international celebrities such as WWE legend John Cena and Team Fast and Furious 9 had either endorsed him or mentioned him on social media.

Asim’s mother too had sensationally alleged that her son was tortured inside the Bigg Boss house


  1. Stop now bringing up religions in between even the host himself is Muslim n he is hosting for 10yrs in Bigg boss so stop making wrong allegations if the show would be biased then according to religion Salman must have gave priority to Asim not Siddharth

    • Sanchit Das, Why you putting more light on religion subject. Looks you want to play around. People’s are educated and they know best to decide who is wrong. Don’t judge people’s

    • I am glad Sanchita knocked some sense into these so called characters who are only fit to malign and create uncalled for back biting. Don’t watch the show and don’t subscribe either who cares: after a while all will stop the madness andmay even Forget Sid and Asim too in this BUSY life

  2. यह सभी शाहीन बाग की गंदी सोच हैं अब इस देश में मुस्लिम लोगों को भी प्रतिभागी बनाने के पहले ध्यान में रखना होगा कि यह आगे चलकर अपनी हार को विवाद में बदल सकते हैं देश में चल रहे सी ए ए विरोध की कहानी को इसी तरह के मानसिकता के लोग चला रहे हैं मैं खुद मानता हूं कि कलर टीवी पक्षपात करता है क्योंकि आसिम रियाज टॉप फाइव में भी आने लायक नहीं था मगर उसे टॉप टू तक ले गए।

  3. Bullshit.Its all fake.This girl also want to be famous too by criticising Siddhart Sukla just like Ashim Riaz did.What a poor girl man. If you want to be famous than go and face the struggle in your life..dont take any one support to get famous yaar..Its a dumb thing.

  4. I don’t think this will be the reason if it could then asim was eliminated during first week of nominations, it’s all about sidharth shukla image correction winning & he’s the oldest well known fame of colors so they don’t want to disappoint him by letting him loose. As other celebs tweeted regards sidharth behaviour wise. RELIGION THING I AM NOT SURE ABOUT THAT. But don’t know the story behind that.

  5. This is a glaring example of fake propaganda….Colors TV has categorically denied even the presence of any employee as Feriha … far as the show’s decision is concerned, there was no compassion between the two contestants….Personal Integrity, Level of Intellect, Carrying the presence amidst an extreme volatile emotional ambience filled with narrow personal selfish concerns and a natural flow of respecting and carrying forward the relationships….there was a sea-gap between the two where this Asim was a dwarf while Siddharth always proved himself a towering character.
    What left in this much hyped but shallow muscleman Asim was accomplished by his hoard of family-members attending the Bigg Boss-Finale’ where they were bickering with the organizers for the front seats…..(as if they were born to sit on the front only). Comparatively, the kins of Siddharth Shukla were very modest and composed representing their educated and cultured family values. Where was the competition….Guys?


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