Saif Ali Khan reveals why he stopped working with wife Kareena Kapoor Khan


Bollywood superstar Saif Ali Khan and wife Kareena Kapoor Khan are often under media spotlight, more so after their first child Taimur was born. Saif had recently caused quite a stir when he said that he too was harassed 25 years ago and remembering that traumatic experience still caused hurt to him.

Saif Ali Khan

A report by PTI had quoted him as saying that he had been harassed in his career ’25 years ago’ adding that he still fell ‘angry about it.’ He, however, made it clear that his harassment wasn’t sexually and he will reveal that at some point in future since the world needed to pay attention to the women’s stories at the moment.

“Most people don’t understand other people. It is very difficult to understand other people’s pain. I don’t want to talk about it because I am not important today. Even when I think about what happened with me I still get angry. Today, we have to look after women,” Saif Ali Khan was quoted as saying.

He has finally now opened up on why he stopped working with Kareena Kapoor Khan after Omkara, Kurbaan and Tashan. This was after several reports had said that Said refused to sign films with Kareena in it.

Although he said that there needed to be a clear demarcation between personal and professional life, this wasn’t the only reason behind his constant refusal to do films with his wife.

Saif told DNA, “I’ve been saying no to working with Bebo in recent years because I’ve always ensured that there’s a clear demarcation between my personal and professional life. Now, however, the lines are blurring. With my father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) not being around and me being the defacto head of the family, my outlook has changed.”

Saif also revealed in the interview that he ended up not performing when he was with Kareena on screen adding that he became ‘deferential and slightly boring in the frame.’ Saif Ali Khan added, “I don’t compete and give enough energy. I kind of play myself, which is bad.”



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