Sad that love has always been a failure in my life: Karan Johar


He has directed some of the biggest romantic films in contemporary Bollywood, but filmmaker Karan Johar says his love life has always been a “flop.”

Karan says he has have had three “epic fail” relationships in life and hasn’t found anyone who reciprocated his love.

Karan Johar

“My film record, I have 100 per cent success, my love record is a 100 percent flop. I have never fallen in love with anyone who has loved me back. I think it’s what kept my self esteem in check,” he said.

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“Because every-time I give a hit film, I give a flop relationship. It kind of balances me in some ways. I have had three epic fail relationships. They were not even relationships but full ‘ek tarfa pyaar’ moments.”

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The “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” filmmaker was in conversation with Jitesh Pillai on the topic ‘Men, Women, Loneliness’ at the ongoing Times LitFest.

Karan says he does feel sad that he has never tasted success when it comes to love.

“Either I choose the wrong person or I think no end of myself in that situation. One of the two happens to me and I fall flat on my face. I feel very sad that love has always been a failure in my life. It has never been a success.”

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When asked if there is over-analysis about being single today, Karan says, “There is definitely a pressure. I am single, I am 44 and I have been single a major part of my life. But I have no explanation to why I am single.

“I know there is pressure, there is definitely emptiness.

Everyone seeks the right relationship, they want to either rise or fall in love. Everybody has the tremendous pressure of finding the right person they can engage with and love…”

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The filmmaker insists he tried searching for love but always came back disappointed.

“Trust me I have tried (searching for love). When people say ‘put yourself out there’ I don’t know what that ‘there’ is or how to get there.

“I have tried and I have failed. Then people say ‘oh in your position you can find anyone’ I don’t know what position they are talking about. I have just not managed to succeed. It is terrifying.


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