RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav writes to opposition leaders to boycott ‘fascist’ TV channels and they are not just Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV and Times Now


RJD leader and former deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav has written to several opposition leaders asking them to take boycott Indian TV channels during the campaign for this year’s Lok Sabha polls. Tejashwi’s call for a blanket ban on ‘news channels’ goes beyond the usual suspects of the India media such as Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV, Times Now and Zee News.

Tejashwi Yadav

Among those, who he has written to are Congress President Rahul Gandhi, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, former Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, former Prime Minister HD Devegowda, AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi and Former Chief Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti and Farooq Abdullah.

Accusing the TV channels masquerading as news outlets of producing spectacle ‘every evening with the sole aim of denigrating all the opposition parties,’ Tejashwi wrote, ” It
is an open secret now that a powerful section of the television media is deeply vested in the electoral fortunes of the BJP. If it was a case of subtle siding with the party in power, the spokespersons of various opposition parties would have expected to counter the tilt in rational debates held in news channel studios.

“However, reality is more sinister than that, many anchors of the said news channels have not only given up all pretence of impartiality in their conduct of debates on issues of national importance but have gone ahead to spout vitriolic hate in the Indian society, and incite violence. This is being done without any regard to the national interests, including national security. Many senior and well-respected journalists have been warning us about the near-total breakdown of the ethics of journalism in these corporate house funded news channels.”

Tejashwi went on to write allege that ‘the news channel studios’ had been ‘seized fully by fascist tendencies, and that no rational debate is possible at these theatres of death and doom.’ “The engagement and presence of opposition voices is only instrumentalized to lend credibility to their falsehoods. While the common men and women of our country would like to see their everyday life and livelihood issues occupying the central rostrum of these spaces, in reality they find their issues being silenced and invisibilized,” he wrote.

He urged key opposition leaders to not participate in TV debates. Tejashwi concluded his letter with an appeal that read, “Therefore, we appeal to all political parties in the opposition and conscientious voices of the Indian public sphere to not participate in the shouting matches held in the name of ‘debate’ by these channels and anchors, and to refuse to be complicit in their campaign of distortion and deceit. Conspicuous absence of faces and voices from opposition shall not allow them to continue with their pre-scripted debates and discussion. I believe if we can take a united and collective call on this, it shall be of great help to the cause we are fighting for.”

So far, only Soren has responded to his letter expressing his agreement with the idea to boycott TV channels. He wrote, “@yadavtejashwi’ji, we are all together & united in this fight against cultural fascism & oppression unleashed by the ruling @BJP4India govt through favoured media platforms & TV studios. We will be there on the ground with people & continue to raise their voices.”

While Indian TV channels have become notorious for pushing the agenda of the RSS and the BJP, the opposition parties have not been able to muster courage to boycott them. For example, the Congress had refused to even publicly condemn News18 India when its anchor slapped one of its spokespersons, Rajiv Tyagi, during a Live TV debate last year. The grand old party of India had announced last year that it will boycott a TV show hosted by one Rohit Sardana on Aaj Tak after he repeatedly insulted Congress spokespersons. However, the Congress bowed down to the channel and began to send its representatives in debates the same day it announced the boycott.


  1. What TejashwiYadav said is cent percent correct.These anchors and channels have. forgotten their moral duty. and,busy in minting money. They do not allow opposition leaders to put their point of view.They insult them in every possible manner.Their only aim is to praise the Govt,is it democracy? People don’t want to see their channel ,we don’t watch these channels now and I would also request my friends not to watch these channels.

  2. Genuine observation.
    It seems these anchors are being well paid by their masters but this type of yellow journalism will backfire one day.

  3. Why were you silent when some of the other tv channels other than mentioned above masquerading as supporters for other parties. They did for last many years, now it is others turn. Remember, everything goes on in circle. India has suffered very badly because of family oriented political parties and politics. That’s over now. Go for a vanawas for next 25 years.

    • That’s right. There are many more channels including regional ones who have been parroting the line of the previous dispensation openly and it was learnt that certain selected journos were kept in good humour by offering various benefits / perquisites / subsidies to parrot the so called inspired leaks. The very people who were organising all these years, are perhaps feeling the heat of what they had started. The opposition parties are not above board when it comes to supporting the nation in case of national crises as they have been openly supporting the enemy across the border, which definitely is not in good stead and taste.

    • Rightly said. These so called leaders want to suppress nation’s vice by suppressing the media. So we, the common people should boycott the netas.

  4. Mahathagbandhan, choron ki baraat. chaprasi CHOR. Alibaba aur chalis CHOR. Toti chor .Thanks a ton for not showing your manhoos face on tv

  5. Arnab has to learn from more eminent and profesdional journalists who are way way ahead of him, he is nothing but a barking dog bragging off and displaying his own follies, his channel is so cheap it hardly calls to watch it even for a minute and bedides its just fake talk and a lopsided news channel which clearly indicates he has been bought off cheaply,

  6. We have already disconnected the Republic TV and times now channel from our network. Dirty channels need to be thrown out.

  7. Lol, you just started watching News channels???? To defend anything and everything you come up with this bogus excuse?? I have been watching News Channels for 24 years now. Never has media sided with the Central Govt as much as it is doing now. TV media channels were the first to expose Congress’s corruptions before 2014 and in TV debates Congress spokespersons were critically questioned but now even on so many main issues the media is silent and intentionally siding in debates against opposition. Stop spewing bogus things.

  8. All family owned parties are worried. The people of this country are viewing TV channels, they will decide what is good and bad. RJD owned by Lalu Yadav, now controlled by this 9th passed tejeswi yadav. Has not there any senior leaders in RJD to function as head? See this 9th studied boy writes in english to other party senior leader,other party leader are shacking hands what is the reason? Because of huge ill-earned property.

  9. Who makes such illiterate person the leader of this country? Does they possess even a single quality of a leader?? The people of this country should boycott such illiterate, corrupt, power hungry, selfish, traitor, so called “leader”(neta) of this country. Otherwise it will be a great misfire of this country. These types of netas want to suppress the voice of the common people by suppressing the media. We should teach them a good lesson or else we have to regret very soon.

  10. Go and see your face in the mirror along with the parties you have written to to boycott certain tv channels.
    It is your own ghost that is haunting you. When you have sullied your own face with muck yourself, dont expect others will come to your rescue. Rot in your own shit.

  11. The intolerance gang getting intolerant. Tejasvi Yadav is just a pappu of Bihar and not worth an article in any newspaper.


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