Rishi Kapoor gets trolled for not recognising Sridevi in throwback video, fans ask if he’s suffering from memory loss


Actor Rishi Kapoor has been known for courting controversy on social media almost regularity. He’s mostly landed himself in controversies because of his plain-speaking.

However, on Sunday the Mulk actor earned his fans’ ire on the microblogging site Twitter because of inability to recognise Sridevi in a throwback video that he himself had posted. While posting the GIF video of himself with Sridevi, Kapoor wrote, “What film is this? And I cannot recognise the actress with me!”

No sooner had Kapoor posted his comments, he began to be incessantly trolled. One user Deepa Bhatia bluntly wrote, “Nobody would have recognised you if she had not worked with you in Nagina and Chandni.” Another user Kulbir Singh wrote sarcastically, “Actress is Sri Devi But I didn’t recognise the actor.” User Micky Abraham felt that the actor was under the influence of drugs when he posted the tweet. He wrote, “come on. you’re kidding right!!? you can’t identify SUPER STAR SRIDEVI who catapulted your career? either you lost your memory or you’re heavily drugged. either way i hope you’ll get well soon. chintuji, cognac sharap hoti.”

Some angry fans launched personal attacks asking if Kapoor could recognise his own son Ranbir Kapoor.

While there were some, who felt that the actor may have asked the question in jest, Kapoor has not issued any clarification even in the face of brutal trolling.

Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi had acted in several films together including Chandni, Nagina, Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha, Gurudev, Banjatran among others.

Kapoor’s comments were deemed in poor taste particularly because Sridevi’s tragic death is very fresh in the minds of her millions of fans. The legendary actress had died in Dubai earlier this year.

Kapoor’s latest release Mulk has earned plenty of plaudits from critics as the film seeks to dispel the false notion of linking religion to terrorism.


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