Revealed! Letter from mother that prompted Siddharth Shukla to say ‘sorry’ to Asim Riaz in Bigg Boss


After weeks of fighting and facing social media backlash for his violent behaviour, Siddharth Shukla on Saturday night was in tears as he said ‘sorry’ to Asim Riaz for hurling abuses at the latter’s father. First, it appeared that it was filmmaker Rohit Shetty’s intervention that had resulted in a miracle of sorts inside the Bigg Boss house. But as the show progressed on Saturday night, it became clear that it was his mother’s letter that had acted as a catalyst in Siddharth apologising to Asim.

Siddharth Shukla

Rohit had brought special Christmas gifts for the housemates from their family members. In Siddharth’s case, he was also given a hand-written letter from his mother. The content of the letter hinted at his abusive behaviour informing him how it was causing damage to his reputation.

His mother reminded Siddharth about a piece of advice that he had once given Asim. Siddharth’s mother wrote, “I will end the letter with what you yourself had once said. ‘Don’t be a version of what others want you to be (provocation). Be a better version of yourself’.”

His mother also said that the family members slept well when they saw him happy in the house. She wrote, “Remember you look good when you are in a playful mood. We also enjoy that and we all sleep well on those nights.”

Rohit had earlier spoken to both Siddharth and Asim together away from other housemates and explained to them the cost their fights may have on their respective careers.

After Rohit left the show, Siddharth apologised to Asim on several occasions. The first apology by Siddharth to Asim came after Rohit Shetty handed over the special Christmas gifts to the contestants. Asim had received a family photo frame, which also had the photo of his father. Asim took the frame to Siddharth and showed his family members to him. No sooner did he identify his father, Siddharth said, “I’m sorry.” This was because Siddharth has been dragging Asim’s father in all his fights with the latter.

On another occasion, Siddharth was seen reaching out to Asim and pronouncing the ‘sorry’ word again. He said, “I am really sorry for what happened in the afternoon,” Siddharth was heard saying. He told Asim, “I’m really sorry. That’s not me man. I respect your family.” Asim replied, “I know man. I respect you bro.”

Bigg Boss show’s host Salman Khan has been unable to end the fight between the two with many mocking his helplessness in having a difficult conversation with Siddharth allegedly for the fear of upsetting his employer, Colors TV.


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