“Resemblence to Arnab Goswami seems purely intentional”: Rajat Sharma’s cryptic tweet triggers speculations days after Republic TV founder demanded ‘face-off’ and attacked Salman Khan


Rajat Sharma posted a cryptic tweet, which implied that he was critical of the outgoing US President Donald Trump, but netizens felt that the India TV founder was targeting Arnab Goswami for his desperate plea seeking the Supreme Court’s intervention in the matter of his custody. The development came days after Goswami launched an unprecedented tirade against Sharma, challenging him for a ‘face-off’ on the latter’s TV channel.

Sharma on Monday tweeted, “He ridiculed and abused media, lied on camera, had no basic decency, was mean to everyone, faked popularity, now he wants SC to rescue him and media to support him! What a bully…!!!Concede and go now, Mr Trump.”

No sooner did Sharma post his tweet, an overwhelming majority of Twitter users felt that the veteran TV anchor was targeting Arnab Goswami with his cryptic social media post. Goswami too has ridiculed other media outlets calling them ‘Lutyens media houses’ and also faced allegations of manipulating TRP to boost the ratings for his TV channels. Soon after the Maharashtra Police had shifted Goswami to Navi Mumbai’s Taloja Jail, a desperate Republic TV founder was seen urging the Supreme Court for its intervention alleging that his life was under threat.

Reacting to Sharma’s tweet, one user wrote, “Remove the name mentioned in this tweet and the resemblence to Arnab seems purely intentional.” Another user wrote, “For a split second, I thought this is a rant about Mr Goswami.” Radio Jockey Sayema wrote, “Same here :)” “At first I thought Rajat Sharma has grown a spine and posted about Arnab Goswami,” commented another Twitter user.

Last month, Goswami had launched a tirade against India TV founder Rajat Sharma and dared him inviting the former to his TV channel for a ‘one-to-one’ face-off. This was days after Goswami called actor Salman Khan a senior citizen and an elderly person.


  1. Mr.Rajath sharma you are cheater…U ve no right to talk abt our favourite juntelmen Mr.Arnab…v vl support Arnab….

  2. I used to follow and loved Aapki Adalat by Rajat Sharma. But I don’t like him any more for his comments against Arunab. I thought Rajat was also genuinely fight for the right of the people like Arnabbut he is not.

  3. Mr Andwa Gu Swami no begging and pleading his life is in danger,, shame on a rat who ridiculed and lied about so many, and now that he is in jail for the lives of two whom he owes money the shameless bastard is crying for mercy,, he should be hung by his balls for yelling

    • Arnab atleast has guts to openly tell the truth which no one in this country has. Obviously people like you and the liers are all over and will always suppress the truth but in the end its “Satyameva jayate”.

      It clearly shows who has power and who takes advantage of power

  4. It’s quite clear that Rajat Sharma hates Arnab Goswami for his ever-growing popularity. One has the liberty todislike or hate Arnab but you can’t ignore him. Arnab Goswami is the voice of India. Demand immediate release of Arnab Goswami.

  5. If you have something to say, wait for a while to have the guts to say it directly to his face when Mr Arnab is out and available instead of rambling like a bitten mouse. Face him one to one for the debate instead of hiding behind setire. If meant for Mr, Trump, all the same, take a flight go face the man. Either way, you are not in Mr Arnab Goswami or Mr Trumph’s league.

  6. This Rajat sharma needs to be arrested for fake news and not supporting his own industry person what a shame & disgusting to see such journalists who seek opportunities to take revenge from competitor like republic, not seeing the actual attack on democracy n media by police with fake cases when the actual trp scammer is this rajat sharma n all lutyens media
    have ganged up against honest republic to beat competition in a very low standard way but lutyens don’t understand v people see through things easily & know who trp scammer is & who’s not & these lutyens hav lost in people’s adaalat ,his fate awaits him,n arnab sir will soon b out as he’s honest n so take on all these people one by one,waiting for that day!!!

  7. Amazing how such bullies run to the Supreme Court, and the SC willingly admits their pleas AND bails them out ! Quite a bad example to society !

  8. Rajat sharma, you just did copy/paste Journalism, Your Apki adalat was nothing but timepass journalism. Your rise is not because of of your any quality presentation but, because of your closest Pal, late Arun Jaitley Think Twice before commenting on Arnab… It is difficult for you to reach his level of thought Process.

  9. Media can no longer neutral. It has to take stand on national issue. It needs great amount of courage and intelectual to take a stand. Arnab had. Arnab is revolution in media and press freedom. We all love and respect arnab.we pray for his well being.

  10. Arrest Sonia Maino for saying Modi is a Maut ka saudagar. Rahul for calling him a thief. Apply the same yardstick as Arnab for them. Looks like the people here who want to hang Arnab by the balls are also rapists and murderers of Disha and SSR or at least good friends of them.

  11. Arnab has brought spine in to Indian journalism. He has used his immaculate english and incisive intellect to drive pride into us as an Indian – not the type of english speaking followers Macaulay wanted us to be.


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