Renuka Shahane shuts up right-wing troll, who obscenely links her with Salman Khan for attack on MJ Akbar


Actor Renuka Shahane recently trended on social media after she accused former Union Minister MJ Akbar for crossing limits of shamelessness after the latter added the Chowkidar prefix to his name on Twitter. While Renuka’s comments earned her plaudits from most social media users, pro-BJP supporters reacted angrily at her attempt to mock a senior BJP leader.


One BJP troll attacked her with obscene comments while defending Akbar for allegedly sexually harassing multiple women, who worked under him in newspapers in the past. Responding to Renuka’s tweet, the BJP troll, identified as Sachindra Jha, wrote, “If you offer yourself naked, then you don’t expect them to leave you by simply smelling. MJ Akbar did not commit rape. Those (women) who enjoyed, he gave them the fun. The same way you had fun with Salman Khan. I hope you remember that.”

Reacting to Jha’s despicable language, Renuka wrote, “Such thoughts of yours is not even fit for the toilet. That’s how dirty your thoughts are. If a person with such a corrupt mind is calling himself a watchman, then that watchman should immediately be fired. Don’t insult watchmen by calling yourself a watchman. You should rather write ‘troll’ next to your name. That name will suit you better.”

Renuka found plenty of support on social media with poet Kumar Vishwas also throwing his weight behind the actress. Vishwas assured her that such vicious language was not a permanent voice of India and will soon fade away.

Responding to Akbar’s tweet, Renuka had written, “If you are also a watchman, then no woman will remain safe.” She had ended her tweet by using the hashtag #BesharmiKiHadd, which translates in English as ‘limits of shamelessness.’

This had prompted Akbar to drop the name Chowkidar from his name before adding it again hours later.

MJ Akbar was accused by over a dozen women journalists of sexual misconduct when the former worked as an editor in different publications including The Asian Age and The Telegraph. Faced with public anger, Akbar had to resign from the union cabinet. He later filed a defamation case against journalist Priya Ramani, who was the first journalist to accuse Akbar of sexual predatory. The case is currently being heard by a court in Delhi.


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