Ravish Kumar launches extraordinary attack on Arnab Goswami with ‘vulgarity’ jibe; days after Republic TV founder slams Salman Khan with ‘Bigg Boss of drugs’ remark


NDTV’s Ravish Kumar has launched a stunning attack against Arnab Goswami by accusing the Republic TV founder of bringing ‘vulgarity’ into Indian journalism. Kumar, however, criticised the Mumbai Police of hounding other staff members of Republic TV in the TRP scam for the fault of their owner, Arnab Goswami. This came after the Editors’ Guild of India issued a statement stating that it was ‘concerned about the FIRs filed against journalists of Republic TV, which is under probe for allegedly manipulating TRPs.’ This came days after Goswami targeted Salman Khan with the ‘Bigg Boss of drugs’ jibe.

Ravish Kumar

In a Facebook post, Kumar said that it was wrong to hound the entire editorial team of Republic TV for Goswami’s fault. “It’s quite possible that people are feeling stuck in the current situation. But why must they be punished for the fault of one anchor and the owner? The said anchor has brought shame to journalism. He’s established vulgarity into journalism.”

Kumar was reacting to the statement issued by the Editors’ Guild of India, which said that it was ‘pained to see the unedifying spectacle of hundreds of FIRs being filed against journalists of Republic TV, which is under probe for allegedly manipulating TRPs and spreading discontent against the Mumbai police.’

“We do not wish to influence the probe by the authorities, even if we recognise it has the potential to bring in much needed transparency on the manipulation of popularity, and creation of “proceeds of crime”- as claimed by the police; but the victimization of the journalists should immediately stop. The use of arbitrary state power is not and has never been in the interests of working journalists,” the statement read.

On Friday, Goswami’s Republic TV alleged that the Mumbai Police had sent a notice ‘effectively seeking each and every detail of the Republic news desk, including addresses of the technicians of Republic TV, IDs and passwords of newsroom software, roster details of its journalists, and has given a time-period of two days to furnish this, in a shameful trespass of free speech.’ Goswami said that he was disturbed by the development and planned to approach the I&B ministry and home ministry headed by Amit Shah.

He said in a statement, “This has never happened in the history of media and I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else. I hope we understand with absolute clarity that what the Mumbai Police has done. The Mumbai Police has demanded login access of our newsroom. Now how can we give login access into the editorial operations of the news channel which gets the license of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting? If Param Bir Singh wants access to the newsroom, I am afraid he will have to approach the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.”

Goswami and Ravish Kumar were colleagues at NDTV before the former left the organisation founded by Prannoy Roy to join Times Now TV channel as its editor-in-chief. In 2017, Goswami left Times Now to launch his own TV channel, Republic TV.

Goswami and his TV channel have been embroiled in the TRP scam unearthed by the Mumbai Police. The Republic TV founder has denied the allegations and has threatened to sue Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh.

Goswami had also triggered a controversy by launching repeated attacks on Bollywood actor Salman Khan for his silence on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. He had also used disparaging jibes such as ‘senior citizen’ and ‘Bigg Boss of drugs‘ for Salman, prompting the famous actor to take an indirect dig at the TV anchor.


  1. Arnab is a haughty bigot/snob. He acts as if he is superior, more valuable or important than others and underestimates one and all.

    Even an uneducated and naive person will have better understanding about law and evidence than Arnab. Recently he aired two audio tapes to claim that police is trying to fix him in the TRP case. On hearing the conversation on the tapes one can clearly make out that the audio clips have been fabricated by Arnab himself.

    He yells and abuses everyone who refuses to toe his line. He is an idiot and shame to the profession of journalism. He has amassed riches by pursuing his nonsense with an oblique agenda.

    Look at the way he boasts on his News channel about he being the one and only honest journalist and jhis channel being number one channel. Highly deplorable.

    Arnab does not understand that the people who are following him mindlessly with herd mentality will start cursing him with the same intensity the moment they realise that they have been misguided and fooled by his false and dangerous rhetorics.

    • You may or may not like the Arnab’s style but you can’t deny his integrity. He is one of the last few honest journalists we have left and I think we should protect them. India has seen enough of fake gandhi boot lickers like Rajdeep, Ravish, Bharka…etc …is it too much to ask a journalists to be fair and have an inch of nationalism??

      • How do you know Arnab is honest? My friend, he is a businessman. On the face of it, it looks everyone is honest. But, looks of a person can be misleading. By any chance, do you have any evidence to substantiate your certification of his honesty? How well do we know him to pass a judgement? My friend, please remember each of these guys work to an agenda in order to run their shows and make money. Do not get carried away with any of these showmasters.

    • How come you say it so that tape is fabricated…do you have proof…and journalism is exactly what it is like ravish kumar is it…and if you were into journalism what would have been your approach?

    • Mr Sanjay. You stooge. If you have any proof of tape fabrication by Arnab Goswami, demid go run to Parambir Singh & handover the same to PC. You will be rewarded crores of rupees by MVA & may not have to earn till eternity for your 10 generations. Oh I am sorry, Don’t go to police because they never pay. They only receive. But go to Congress or Rahul Gandhi. You will be handsomely rewarded. Come on man. Wake up & grow. It’s better to die than live like subservient to anyone.

    • Because is one of the few jour alists who are very bold and courageous to stand agai st the political a d bearocratic mafia running this country. If a fanatic muslim had been arrested, there would have been bviolent protests all over India and because we are cowards hence do not come out to protest Arnab’s arrest


    • Shame on people who criticizing Ravish Kumar. Those who support Ravish Kumar does not now what is journalism. Ravish Kumar is the only Jurnalists who speak on fact and figures. Only fools like you abuse Ravish Kumar.

      • What about Raveesh who never disclosed about his siblings cases, tries to be transparent, but never never an honest and but a biased one & reports selectively. Arnab is bold enough for truthful reports not saleable.

        I am from JNU

    • Absolutely correct I have removed ndtv vulgarity is hiding the truth cover up of murder is vulgarity interviews with accused druggies is vulgarity vulgarity is allowing anti National manio brigade to still rule

    • Ravish ne kya apke pappad chura liye.
      First read and listen his views on tv with a free mind and then decide.
      How are you comparing Ravish and bloody Arnab bc. One has deep knowledge withput misuse and other is spreding hate for his and bjp agenda.plz look deep inside your mind.

  3. Ravish is a traitor. Never talked about the Nation. We can not forget your remarks on Kumbh Mela. NDTV is run by foreign media owners.

    • I agree..Ravish bhai…Kaiku aisa karra rey bhai ….G…dum nahi hum kisi sey kam nahi…Arnab key samney tu tik nahi payega …Arnab is arrogant in talking but he speaks truth…..

  4. Will Ravish Kumar has any guts to raise the same question with Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Mani Sankar Iyer, P.Chidambaram and such opposition party leaders for the indecent utterances against the Prime Minister of India. Don’t be stooge for others.

  5. Arnab is among few nationalist TV anchors/Journalists in India and all those anchors/journalists belonging to #tukdetukde gang, Ravish one of the prominent faces from the same group, have joined hands to finish Arnab.

  6. Arnab is pain in the ass , Question should be asked to every politiican who is in power and not working efficiently. However the terms used such as lutyens media , Desh Drohi are terms uses to incite peoples emotions.We are proud Indians.

  7. Arnab aisa aadmi hai jo rapist logo k support k liye khada hota hai.. yeh kisi terrorist se kam nahi hai lekin bjp government ka hath iske sar par hai to jo chahe wo kar skta hai… Isase sirf Mamta benarji ya raj thakre jaise log hi nipat skte hai… #pagalarnav

    • You are correct, Arnab who revealed so many cases but he is not backed by any journalist. Arnab’s vulgar journalism is 100 times better than Mr Ruvish kumar’s fake journalism for money.

  8. Ravish comments reasonable Arnab need follow true journalism shouting yelling etc in studio like-holic brings disepute actually TRP goes down

  9. Who is this ravish…what he did about phalgar….ssr death…up rape case….does he know d atrocities ….I think he said paid agent like parambeer….we support arnab…

  10. Please don’t give importance to Rubbish kumar’s outburst. Both started their careers together and Arnab has risen beyond rubbish kumar’s imagination. It’s Grapes are sour

  11. Exactly,Republic crossed all limits of vulgarity , Immodesty, rusticity, aggressive insulting behavior and uncultured uncouth journalism ever unseen and unheard of .Other Channels began to copy Arnav Goswami’s Gundaism to gain popularity. He heralded a cult of FAKE, DISHONEST , GREEDY & DEHANDAL JOURNALISM to humiliate the whole NATION with Shameless blackmails of burning issues and National interests to back openly PM Modi . He deserves to be publicly reprimanded and trolled for his crimes.
    Even H’ble Supreme Court and High Courts don’t tolerate him. He is a public Menace and as such he is to be dealt with

  12. Arnav desh me atank faila raha hai, jese Dr. Jakir Nike ka speach thik wese he Arnav ka v, ye dono desh drohi he hai, nothing is difference

  13. Sometimes when a person is emotionally charged with Nationalism and watches the traitors in his profession, it’s quite possible he may use words not fully apt for national TV. He must try to control that emotional outbursts, no doubt. But that doesn’t make the anti-nationals right and nationalists wrong. It’s just that here anti-Nationals are sophisticated and Nationalists a little less.

  14. Rabid comments made in TV is lapped up by blind followers. It is not a news room but a drama show. This is like WWF channel. some people enjoy a drama king shouting and screaming at the people he has invited to his talk show. What a shàme. Grow up.
    Get Mature.

  15. How is being called a senior citizen vulgar? Mr Khan is old passed 50. This person’s vulgarity toward women is not show business. He does walk funny these days.

  16. Arnab was in TIMES NOW. He has switched over or started his anchor in Republic an year or ago. From the very begining he was agressive in his work. He never compromised anything against Nation. He is a real patriot. He has the platform where he is using his patriotism. NDTV hasn’t complained anything about him when he was in TIMES NOW. As a journalist as one family NDTV has to support Arnab instead of accusing him. This is the Best time to show solidarity by all journalist as one family.

  17. Ravish Kumar – your TV is anti national, anti hindu and anti CAA. Your way of functioning is known to all. Your support unwelcome.


  19. Arnab is a puppet of the govt.He is very egoistic .feels himself extra intelligent ,genius born in this era
    He shouts on every one in the discussion panel if the other party does not toe his line.He should be shameful for his actions .He wants to overrule the law.He should be punished if he has done wrong

  20. Arnab is Shameless,shouting, despicable,vulgar,fake,Godi media.Rajdeep,Prannoy Roy, Barkha, Ravish, are great ideal free journalists.. who were and are sucking upto to Congress and Communists,Their foreign bosses,so called intellectuals and secularists. That sums up the media in India.

  21. Arnab is not vulgar he gives factual reporting, at the cost of his life. Raveesh hides reports affecting his own career and a particular group very very diplomatic selectively. I am JNU background since 1977. I know when Raveesh and Ashutosh used to be in JNU.

  22. Namaskar,
    Liberty of corruption,drugs,false hood,fake stories,etc,etc enjoyed as privilege by some sections over all these years,has put an fullstop by Shri Arnab Goswami and his team,so they got frustrated,irritated and trying all level best to put off the fullstop.
    But they forget that its a natural process,where Arnabda is bound to do so,otherwise the majority with 90% will be getting frustrated,irritated where it will be out of control.
    So the best is to run with the common public with honesty,true selfrespect,peacefully & you will be safe.
    No one wants evils to prevails.

  23. An honest person must necessarily be a gentleman. A gentleman will speak truth in a decent manner and convince the people by giving sound reasoning. He will not shout, challenge or defame people. These are signs of uncouth behaviour.


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