“Ratan Tata falling in line. Shameful”: Angry reaction after Air Vistara bans Kunal Kamra for questioning BJP ally Arnab Goswami


Twitter has exploded in anger after comedian Kunal Kamra informed that Air Vistara too had imposed a flying ban on him for the mid-air ambush of BJP ally Arnab Goswami.

Kunal Kamra

Kamra tweeted, “Air vistara has also banned me now till the 27th April, following orders like they show… at a time where no one can fly, all I want to say is, neither am I sorry nor am I surprised, nor am I suffering.”

Air Vistara’s decision to impose a flying ban the stand-up comedian baffled many since the Tata-owned airlines had defied other carriers by allowing him to fly with it soon after the video of Kamra ambushing pro-Hindutva TV anchor Goswami went viral.

No sooner did Kamra inform about the ban imposed by Air Vistara, Twitterati exploded in anger. Activist Subhashini Ali wrote, “Ratan Tata falling in line. Shameful” User Meghnad commented, “Was wondering why they took so long but then it hit me. They care about your health! They’re like, “Avoid airports man! Avoid coronavirus!” Aww”

Lawyer Raksha Ramaiah tweeted, “Shows how vindictive this stupid Govt is. Sick! We stand by you bud, anyway Noone’s flying around. You suck @airvistara.”

Since Goswami is known to be a mouthpiece of the BJP-led government, Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, who heads the civil aviation ministry, had moved with lightning speed to direct airlines to take action against Kunal. Aside from IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir and Air India too had imposed a similar ban on the comedian.

Kamra had poked fun at IndiGo after Air Vistara allowed him to travel despite bans imposed by other airlines.

Kunal later sent a legal notice to IndiGo airlines seeking a public apology from the carrier for its decision to ban him for six months. His lawyer, Advocate Prashant Sivarajan, Partner at Lawmen & White, also demanded a compensation of Rs 25 lakh for causing mental pain to the comedian and to recover financial losses incurred on account of cancellation of his scheduled shows.


  1. Just because Vista airlines banned this fellow, Ratanji is a shame man? What a bullshit. This fellow should be banned for life time for writing like this. Such idiots will go on be blobbing for cheap popularity and airlines should watch it is it?

  2. This janta ja reporter is a one sided pseudo channel managed by a person who hates BJP to the core and supports Congress. Bast@rd

  3. Shame on ratan tata too which goes to show all are puppets of the bjp govt and only they are allowed freedom of speech and opinion,, we are throttled to speak against any bjp connected figure,, where are we heading to,,, no freedom only threats

  4. Freedom is not a licence to abuse anybody in a public place; what Arnab does is in his studio or when on his and as a part of journalistic duty….if you have guts mr kamra go to his show and have a slanging match to your hearts content…if Arnab is ally of bjp then there are lot others out there who shamelessly push left and congi agenda…so you also happpens to be one amongst them

  5. If he claims 25 lakhs fr mental agony, he should pay 25 crores to Sebab fr causing the same. Looks like under guise f being a comedian one can indulge in criminal behavior.Of late people getting foreign funds are became more dangerous than terrorists from across border because these guys hijacked constitution and courts by infiltrating highest levels of Bar council.

  6. On what grounds can you claim a news anchor to be a pro-hindu and a BJP ally..?? On similar grounds, kindly reveal me your ally, NDTV anchors’ ally etc..?? I hope that would be not difficult for you.. And btw, pro-hindu doesn’t mean anti-muslim. Stop dividing this country and do justice to your profession.


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