Rashami Desai’s stunning revelation about Siddharth Shukla brings role of Salman Khan, Colors TV and Aarti Singh under scanner


A day after Siddharth Shukla violently attacked Arhaan Khan and tore his shirt off during a fight, Rashami Desai has made stunning allegations about the former’s past and why he was sacked from the previous show. She also accused Colors TV of punishing her and making a hero out of violent Siddharth Shukla. Rashami accused Siddharth of arriving for the shoot in a drunken condition adding that she had blocked his phone number after being harassed by him. Siddharth, according to her, then used Aarti Singh to dupe her into meeting him. This has brought Aarti Singh’s role under the scanner.

Siddharth Shukla

In new videos, Rashmi was heard confiding in Arhaan Khan, “He was sacked twice (from Dil Se Dil Tak show). Once, he returned because of the channel, while on the other occasion he had to apologise…He would also harass another co-star. That also caused quite a lot of issues prompting the TV channel to hold two meetings.”

Arhaan said that he was aware of the incident that Rashami was referring to. Rashami also spoke about a time when Siddharth allegedly called her before taking part in the Bigg Boss show. She said, “He spoke so badly on the phone, I just can’t tell you…I disconnected the phone immediately and blocked his number. He was dying to talk to me. So, he used Aarti to reach out to me. Aarti fooled me into meeting him…I called Aarti to shout at her. I told Aarti that ‘you lied to me. Why did you intervene when you had no idea about the issue. She said that Siddharth was her good friend. So, if Aarti is her friend, then she will also be like him (Siddharth).”

Arhaan asked Rashami why Aarti did not speak up in her favour when Siddharth resorted to violence. Rashami replied, “That’s what is hurting me. I wanted to speak with her about the issue but now I don’t feel like talking to her at all.”

Rashami was also unforgiving to Colors TV accusing the TV channel of promoting negativity for the sake of TRP. She told Arhaan, “If I say that he’s always drunk and doesn’t turn up at the sets (for the shooting), then this is good content for them (makers of Bigg Boss). They (Colors TV) have decided to punish a girl and make a hero out of a negative person.”

Rashami once again repeated that Aarti was utterly wrong in not speaking up against Siddharth’s violent behaviour.

Arhaan told Rashami that she had the option to stay in the competition by tolerating Siddharth’s violent behaviour. “But one can be patient for one more month, then fine. If not, then Salman bhai has given a solution for that as well.” When Rashami asked about that ‘solution,’ Arhaan said, “slap him (Siddharth) and walk out of the show.”

On Monday night, Siddharth was seen flirting with Aarti Singh, who was mesmerised by the affection showered on her by a contestant, who she had accused of ignoring her in the past. She had claimed to be heartbroken by the ‘betrayal’ of Siddharth in the past. But on Monday night, Aarti told housemates that she could not believe her luck that Siddharth had chosen to hug her.

Salman Khan was visibly frightened to admonish Siddharth over the weekend despite his violent act and had, instead, chosen to lay the blame on Rashami. Many believe that Salman did not want to risk crores of rupees by defying his employer, Colors TV, which is accused of promoting Siddharth Shukla at any cost.


  1. Aisi ladki rashmi…. rightly said is purposely spoiling sid reputation because she is been exposed now and created a scene where she herself was badly portrayed. That’s why speaking so that all the world should know that she is a saint & did is culprits. But she is wrong cause ye jo public hai ye sab shanti hai public hai..

  2. Only asim ? Asim ne 24th dec kay episode may shukla ki waat laga de Chal nikal nikal , Ja meray baap ko dhoond so funny lines ?? sukala ke tu bolte baand ker de.

  3. just don’t defame SID , without knowing the truth from the same person. This is only one side story . Next time such reports shouldn’t be published. This again a wome ncard bei ng played

  4. Sid is right . Rashmi ko footage to mil nhi rhi
    Bs us ramlal(arhan) k chakkar me pdi hui h
    Disgusting girl
    Sid is the king
    #lion roars siddharth shukla rocks
    Rashmi shocks
    Rashmi ko footage chahiye isiliye past ki baate kr rhi h
    Or footage k liye v use sid ka naam lena hi pd rha h



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