Rare photo of Nita Ambani’s daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta with leading ladies of Mehta family


Nita Ambani’s daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta may have officially become an integral part of Asia’s richest family, but her association with the Ambanis have generated considerable interests among media fraternity about her siblings, parents and other members of her family with whom she shared her childhood. On Tuesday, we revealed an unseen photo of Shloka during her wedding when she was seen dressed up for the biggest occasion of her life by designer Rahul Mishra. In the adorable photo, Shloka was seen posing for the camera with her sister and bhabhi.

Shloka Mehta

Shloka, the daughter of billionaire diamond merchant Russel Mehta, has one brother and a sister. Diya Mehta has often been seen accompanying her sister. She was also a part of the famous birthday video that the Ambanis shot in July this year.

The other prominent lady of the Mehta family is Nisha Mehta, who is the wife of Shloka’s brother Viraj Mehta, who’s believed to be assisting his father in the family’s diamond business.

Photo shared by designer Rahul Mishra From left to right: Nisha Mehta, Ms. Mona Mehta, Ms. Shloka Mehta, Ms. Diya Mehta

Fashion designer Rahul Mishra recently revealed how he had the ‘pleasure of dressing’ not just Shloka but her ‘very elegant family’ for her wedding. Mishra also shared several photos of the family including one where all the leading ladies of the Mehta family were posing for the camera together. They included Shloka’s mother Mona Mehta, sister-in-law Nisha Mehta, sister Diya and Shloka herself.

In this adorable photo, Shloka is seen dressed in a white multicoloured lehenga choli. She’s joined by her mother to her right. Her sister-in-law (her brother’s wife) Nisha Mehta is seen standing next to Mona Mehta, while Diya Mehta is seen standing to Shloka’s left. While both Shloka and her sister-in-law had chosen a matching colour lehenga for the grand occasion, her sister Diya had gone for a traditional Gujarati pink Kediyu style top with a lehenga. 

All four ladies from the Mehta family have rarely been seen posing together. Now that Shloka’s become a part of the Amabni family, she will have even fewer occasions to spend time together with the other womenfolk of the Mehta clan.



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