Ramy Youssef chants Allahu Akbar after winning Golden Globe, Twitterati say Shashi Tharoor will not like it


Comedian Ramy Youssef, who won the Golden Globe award for best actor in a comedy series for Ramy, has become a topic of intense social media conversations after the video of him chanting Allahu Akbar went viral. Indian Twitterati are now advising Congress MP from Kerala, Shashi Tharoor, to watch the video since he had likened the chanting of Lailaha Illallah to Islamist extremism.

Ramy Youssef

Receiving the award, Youssef said, “I would like to first thank my God. Allau Akbar. Thank you God. This is thanks to God..  Look, I know you guys haven’t seen my show. We made a very specific show about an Arab Muslim family living in New Jersey, and this means a lot to be recognized on this level.”

No sooner did the video become viral, Youssef began to earn plaudits for being unapologetic about his identity at a function being broadcast live across the globe.

The video also evoked strong reactions from Indian Twitterati, many of whom felt that Tharoor ought to watch it since he had expressed his objection to Muslims chanting a line, which is an integral part of their faith, during an anti-CAA protest rally.

Faced with condemnation, Tharoor had issued desperate clarifications that failed to impress most social media users, who felt that the Congress MP was visibly afraid of angering his Muslim constituents in Kerala.


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