Ramdev says he can sell petrol and diesel for Rs 35-40 if Modi government allows


Controversial baba and founder of Patanjali Ayurveda, Ramdev, on Sunday asked the Centre’s Narendra Modi government to hand over the control of diesel and petrol for him to reduce their prices significantly.


Speaking to NDTV, Ramdev also said that the anger against the rising prices could cost Prime Minister Narendra Modi dearly in the elections next year. He said, “If the government lets me, and gives some relief in tax, I can give petrol diesel to India at Rs. 35-40 per litre. Fuel needs to brought under GST and not the 28 per cent rate.”

While campaigning for the BJP in the 2014 elections, Ramdev had promised that the prices of petrol and diesel will come down to Rs 35-40 if Modi became the prime minister. The prices of petrol have now reached Rs 90, all time high.

On the rising prices, Ramdev said that Modi had no option but to control it because if it didn’t, the government will have to pay heavy price in the coming elections.

Ramdev said that he had indeed withdrawn himself from active politics and the observation that he was not asking for the change of the current government was correct. This was in response to a question on why he had campaign for the change of the then UPA government in 2014 elections.

He said, “I have withdrawn myself politically. I am with all parties and I am with no parties.”

Ramdev, however, refused to answer a question on the Surepe Court’s latest verdict decriminalising gay sex in India saying that he would not comment on the top court’s order. He said, “I not saying at all that LGBTQ people should be beaten up with sticks but it is against the order of nature.”

In 2014, Ramdev had warned that he will campaign against the scrapping of Section 377 and had spoken against homosexuality. He had also controversially promised to cure homosexuality through yoga.

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  1. It is known to everybody that primarily,increase in the cost of crude,essentially due to USA which has considerable shale gas revenue,and also for India rupee plunging down ,with no clear cut reasons seen by common man,the retail prices are going up compounded by the huge tax collected by state and center.As can be expected,as the center wants to keep parity of domestically traded petroleum products with international crude prices, the prices seeming and justifiably are increasing,with both central and state using these funds for developmental expenses.But one small but sensible way ,both centeal and state can do is ,keep the tax collected as a fixed amount of may be six months back dated and change only the portion of cost of final sale value of these petroleum products directly reflecting international crude prices +doller change .


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