Rakhi Sawant justifies wearing dress with photos of Modi at awkward places, says Amit Shah’s assistant approved it


Remember Rakhi Sawant’s famous (or infamous) dress featuring photos of our prime minister, Narendra Modi, at most awkward parts of the wearer’s body!

The photos of Rakhi in this uniquely designed ‘Modi dress’ had earned her ire of BJP supporters.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi, herself a supporter of the BJP and PM Modi, has now issued a clarification explaining what prompted her to get this dress made in the first place.

Speaking from the US, as Sawant claimed in Radio Mirchi UAE video, she makes desperate attempts to assuage her detractors that she had received approvals for the controversial dress from close aides of Modi and assistant of the BJP President, Amit Shah.

She said that she was an ardent fan of Modi and the BJP adding that since she paid her taxes and was an Indian citizen she had a right over Modi just like anybody else.

It was up to her to show how she expressed her adulation for her icon. According to Sawant she is in ‘Las Vegas, Chicago, US’ and she was there for the Independence Day Celebrations. She felt that wearing a dress with Modi’s pics on it was the best way to represent her country abroad.



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