“Rajat Sharma beats Arnab Goswami even without shouting”: India TV owner brutally trolled for ‘Give Modi a chance’ tweet on farmers’ strike


India TV owner Rajat Sharma is facing the heat for his tweets on farmers’ strike with many accusing him of being a bigger propagandist than Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami while flying the flag for the BJP.
India TV owner Rajat Sharma

This was after Sharma, who started his career from being a leader of the RSS’ student wing ABVP in the Delhi University, shared a tweet repeating a line from Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. One of his tweets read, “Give Modi a chance: Allow farm laws to be implemented for one year.” This came just days after Sharma had infamously tweeted, “Farmers protest : Beware of the ‘tukde tukde’ gang.”

But netizens detected a pattern in how the Indian TV owner has been consistently defending the BJP government by using disturbing allegations against what’s become the biggest-ever farmers’ agitation in the history of independent India.

On 4 December, his tweet read, “Farmers should guard against those shouting “Modi Teri Qabr Khudegi.” Four days later, he asked, “Who are those trying to hijack farmers’ agitation ?” His tweet posted on 11 December sensationally read, “How anti-national elements infiltrated the ranks of protesting farmers.”

A day later, Sharma wrote that ‘Punjab farmer agitation was hijacked by their Left-leaning leaders’ in a bid to imply that Left-leaning leaders were not Indian citizens and, therefore, had committed a crime by siding with protesting farmers.

On 15 December, Sharma’s pain on the growing embarrassment for the government was even more evident when he wrote, “Farmers’ agitation:Leftists agenda is to denigrate Modi.” Two days later, Sharma ironically wrote how ‘rumour mills are working overtime to spread unrest among farmers’ even though his own tweets had immensely contributed to spreading rumours on the genuine intention of India’s honest farmers.

As expected, the controversial owner of India TV began to face considerable condemnation from netizens many of whom compared him with Arnab Goswami. Here’s how they reacted;

Tens of thousands of farmers have been camping near the Delhi borders at several places to protest against the three Farm Laws. They are demanding the withdrawal of the laws without any delay. Scores of protesters have died while braving the harsh winter during the ongoing protests.


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