Punishing Jet Airways crew for allowing him to sing in flight is real intolerance: Sonu Nigam


Singer Sonu Nigam on Friday said that punishing the Jet Airways crew member for asking him to sing on board was the real intolerance.

He said, “I’ve witnessed an elaborate fashion show, small concerts in an aircraft. I’ve seen pilots and crew crack jokes to loosen up passengers in other countries, which is so cool. To suspend crew for asking me to sing on address system, when the seat belt signs were off, and no announcements were to be made is nothing less than punishing someone for spreading happiness.”

The singer added that it was ‘pity there’s no one to question such harshness except media perhaps.”

He added, “Indians, need to loosen up.  This act of lack of common sense, according to me, is the real intolerance.”

Earlier today, Jet Airways had issued a statement on Twitter saying it suspended all cabin crew of the said flight and was enforcing corrective measures and disciplinary actions.

While travelling from Jodhpur to Mumbai on a Jet Airways flight, the singer was asked by fellow passengers to perform and Sonu readily obliged. His impromptu performance saw him sing ‘Do pal ka khwabon ka karvaan” from Veer Zaara and “Panchhi nadiya” from Refugee over the flight’s intercom.

The video of his performance had gone viral on social media platforms.


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