Pro-BJP filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri left embarrassed after his Twitter poll gives huge advantage to Rahul Gandhi over Narendra Modi


Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has become an important flag-bearer of the vicious Hindutva ideology in India, particularly after the BJP came to power at the Centre in 2014. Such is the bankruptcy of talent in the current BJP that the saffron party has looked at him and his actor wife Pallavi Joshi, seeking them to bail the central government out during key crisis.

Vivek Agnihotri

Not too long ago, the central government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had turned to Pallavi Joshi to record a video to counter the Congress’ allegations on the questionable Rafale deal. The actress was later incessantly trolled for exposing her poor knowledge on a complicated defence deal.

Agnihotri recently ran a Twitter poll asking his followers how many ‘marks’ they would give to Congress President Rahul Gandhi in the event that there was a debate between him and Modi. He wrote, “If there is a debate between @narendramodi and @RahulGandhi how many marks will RAHUL get?”

His poll received nearly 90,000 votes, but, much to his embarrassment, an overwhelming 56% respondents said that they will give 100 marks to the Congress president if he was engaged in a debate with Modi. Three percent said that they would give him 70 out of 100 marks, while only 38 percent said they will give him zero marks.

As expected, Congress supporters began to troll Agnihotri.

Rahul Gandhi has challenged Modi for a debate on several occasions in the recent past with a warning that the latter may not be able to last beyond five minutes in the face of some tough questioning on the Rafale deal by him.

Meanwhile, Agnihotri has just launched a second political poll on Twitter. His question was ‘How does Mahagathbandhan perceive @RahulGandhi?” But, to make sure that he doesn’t face the same embarrassment like he did during his last poll, four options chosen by him, were all against the Congress president. The four choices given by him were ‘Liability, Bad luck, Priyanka’s brother and Useful Idiot.’

Ahnihotri’s wife has secured a lucrative deal for a weekly TV show on Mukesh Ambani-owned News18.


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