Priyanka Chopra reveals more about her Baywatch character


Bollywood actor Prinyanka Chopra has revealed that the “Baywatch” character offered to her was originally written for a man but the makers decided to change the gender of the character after meeting her.

Speaking to news agency PTI, Priyanka said , “It is so much fun to play a negative character because you have the liberty to go out of your comfort zone and do anything. Victoria is a very mean character.

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“It (the role) was initially written for a man and they were talking to me for another part. But after the director met me, they thought I would be better as a villain and then they changed the character to be a female.”

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Priyanka recently made her successful international debut with American TV show “Quantico”, whose second season she is currently shooting.

Priyanka, 33, will also be next seen on the big screen in the role of a tough cop in Prakash Jha’s “Jai Gangaajal”, which releases on 4 March.

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