‘Poor man’s Arnab Goswami’ left rattled after being called ‘bewaqoof’ by Pakistani guest on LIVE TV, angry Maj Gen Bakshi walks out of show


Amish Devgan of Mukesh Ambani-owned News18 India TV has often faced public ridicule for being the poor man’s version of Arnab Goswami because of his perceived attempts to imitate the Republic TV founder while conducting his TV debates. Just like Goswami, he too has had to often face embarrassment from his guests during LIVE TV shows. On Tuesday, he found himself engaged in an ugly spat with one of his panelists joining in from Pakistan.

Arnab Goswami

In the video, shared by News18 India, Devgan is seen losing his cool after the Pakistani guest, identified as Tariq Peerzada, calls him bewaqoof (fool) on his own TV programme. This rattled Devgan so much that he began to hurl insults on Peerzada by calling him a fool.

Peerzada told Devgan, “Don’t give speeches like a fool Amish. Ask me questions.” A visibly rattled Devgan replied, “You are a fool. Mind your tongue Tariq Peerzada.”

An unfazed Peerzada continued, “Don’t deliver speeches. This is journalism, where you are expected to ask me questions.”

The spat turned so ugly that Devgan had to ask his colleagues to mute Peerzada so that he could adequately hurl insults on Peerzada. Meanwhile, Major General (Retired) GD Bakshi, who was listening to Peerzada’s spat with the show’s host patiently, decided to intervene. Addressing the Pakistani guest, Bakshi warned him of dire consequences for his utterances on the show. He said, “Peerzada, your these very words will cause a war between your and my country one day…Your words will prove you and your country costly.”

Meanwhile, the video has evoked hilarious reactions from Twitterati as they began to take potshots at Devgan and his channel.

Devgan has often faced condemnation for flying the flag for the BJP and the Hindutva brigade while masquerading as a journalist. Congress spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi had once called him a ‘pimp’ and ‘broker’ during a LIVE TV debate. Tyagi had refused to apologise for his utterances defending his words used against Devgan.



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