Pooja Bedi comes to Salman Khan’s rescue, says ‘Is India getting oversensitive?’


Salman Khan’s comments that he felt like a raped woman during the shooting of ‘Sultan’ created a new controversy with a section of electronic media registering an unprecedented outrage against the actor.

Salman’s father, Salim Khan, was quick to issue an apology, but this wasn’t deemed enough by the critics of the Sultan actor.

However, not everyone felt the actor needed to hung, drawn and quartered for a comment, understandably made to express the pain and agony he went through during the shoot.

pooja bedi

Many members of the film fraternity came forward to support the actor.

But the most notable among them was Pooja Bedi, who took to Twitter to slam those who had felt outraged by the actor’s comments.

Pooja asked if India was getting ‘oversensitive.’

Her tweets said, ‘If @BeingSalmanKhan’s intention was 2 use the term rape to describe something that shatters someone physically and emotionally, is it wrong? agreed it’s not the best simili, but if 2 @BeingSalmanKhan rape is the most brutal physical experience anyone could experience, is he wrong?”

Pooja accused the media of chasing TRP while protesting about Salman’s reported comments.

She said, “As educated & sensible people we need 2 calmly see how much of this “protest” against @BeingSalmanKhan is for political gain&Media TRP!”


  1. This is just a wicked game of media. Media many times rakes up a non issue, wastes people’s time and misleads them to distract from major issues.


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