PM Modi stoops to new low as he makes fun of dyslexia during interaction with students, then laughs endlessly on his own joke


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his distasteful jibes while attacking his political opponents. His past behaviour has earned him the notoriety of being the first Indian leader to bring disrepute to the office of the prime minister. The gentleman, who will be seeking a second term in a few weeks’ time, is back in the news for all the wrong reasons after a video of the Indian prime minister making fun of dyslexia during his interaction with students.


Modi was speaking to students from around the country on Saturday via video conferencing to hear their innovative ideas. While joining a group of students from Kharagpur, a student identified herself as Diksha Haryal from Uttarakhand.

Speaking about her idea, Diksha said, “I feel really blessed to get this opportunity to present my works in front of you…I am pursuing my B.Tech from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. Basically, our idea is based on dyslexic people. Dyslexic children are those whose learning and writing pace is very slow. But they are very intelligent and creative, like we saw in Darsheel Safari’s character in Taare Zameen Par.”

Even before the student completed her talk, Modi intervened to crack a joke on dyslexia and said, “Will this scheme work for 40-50 years old children” before laughing at his own joke. Seeing Modi burst out in laughter, the room with students also joined and soon everyone was laughing at Modi’s joke on children suffering from dyslexia.

Modi didn’t stop here. He then targeted mothers of children suffering from dyslexia. When the student answered in affirmative to his joke, he said, “Then the mothers of these children will be very happy.” He followed his comments with another round of laughter. Once again, the students were compelled to join him in his laughter.

No sooner did the video of his distasteful joke at dyslexic children go viral, Modi began to face a social media roasting for his utter insensitivity.

Not so long ago, Modi had come under criticism for making fun of widows in the country by addressing Sonia Gandhi as one disparagingly. Aside from making obnoxious comments while being the country’s prime minister, Modi is also known to follow some of the most vicious Twitter trolls, who have issued death and rape threats to journalists in the past. One such troll had last week called for India to declare Wing Commander Abhinandan a martyr even though he was alive in the captivity of Pakistan.



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