Patanjali founder Ramdev offers to work as Deepika Padukone’s advisor


Patanjali founder Ramdev has offered to serve as Deepika Padukone’s advisor in light of the recent controversy over her decision to stand with the victims of the JNU terror attack. The controversial self-proclaimed yoga guru also slammed those protesting against the anti-Muslim amended Citizenship Act.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika had faced brutal social media trolling by the supporters of the BJP for her decision to visit the JNU, where students and teachers were assaulted by masked criminals allegedly owning allegiance to the RSS-affiliated student organisation ABVP.

News agency PTI quoted Ramdev as saying, “Deepika’s efficiency as an actor is a different ball game. However, she should first study social, political and cultural issues and understand more about our country. After acquiring this knowledge, she should take big decisions,” Ramdev told reporters in Indore.

“I feel that Deepika Padukone should have persons like Swami Ramdev for the right piece of advice.”

A known supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindutva ideology, Ramdev threw his weight behind the Citizenship Act, which discriminates against Indian Muslims.

BJP supporters had called for a boycott of Deepika’s film Chhapaak, which is based on a real-life story of the acid attack victim Laxmi Agarwal.



  1. I am a safe India motherland of our fore fathers, first comes Hindustan traitors are not on the list, just go to pakistan we dont need a terroristan the way Congress political goons want, we will not bend backwards to suit them, we support CAA n will .who are these worthless money worm actors. Their parents have never educated them nor instilled ethics, we hardly watch them, they need us not otherwise. We are their source of income, people have become nationalistic, thanks to PM Modi ., who has put India forward .we disregard sonia and thugs for swindling public country of its resources. All these chauvans pawars patils aiyars cheaterbarams should be prosecuted.


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