Parmeet Sethi subjects Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show to domestic violence? Actress issues important ‘clarification’ in hilarious video


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show has kept her fans completely glued to Instagram during the nationwide lockdown through her hilarious off-the-cuff videos. In a latest video, Archana almost committed a gaffe by saying that her husband Parmeet Sethi will beat her up if she did not go for a walk. Fearing adverse comments from her fans, the veteran actress quickly corrected herself by issuing a clarification on domestic violence in her family.

Archana Puran Singh

In the video, Archana was seen filming her husband and mother with both of them busy cleaning the garden and watering the plants respectively. Archana teased them by asking them to focus on their tasks by jokingly promising her husband to offer him a full-time role as a gardener if he did his job properly.

Archana then left the place by saying that she quickly needed to go for a walk failing which her husband and Mom will beat her up. The veteran actress said, “I’ve to go for a walk before they beat me up. Not my Mom, but Parmeet might.”

Realising that her joke may end up triggering another controversy, Archana issued a quick correction as she said, “No, I am joking. Otherwise, I will now get comments saying ‘does he (Parmeet) really beat you up?’ No, he doesn’t and I don’t beat him up either.”

Archana had to recently face criticism for her videos prompting her to issue clarifications on at least two occasions. First, she was accused of ill-treating her dog as her domestic pet was seen to be kept outside her house in one of her home videos.

In another video featuring her domestic help Bhagyashri, Archana faced allegations of employing her maid in violation of the nationwide lockdown. She had to issue a clarification stating that Bhagyashri stayed with her at her house.


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