Paras Chhabra left red-faced as his attempts to provoke Rashami Desai against Arhaan Khan backfires


Paras Chhabra’s attempts to expose Arhaan Khan backfired on Thursday night as Rashami Desai refused to be provoked. Much to Paras Chhabra’s embarrassment, Rashami agreed with Arhaan’s claims that she was indeed bankrupt in 2016 as she had no house to live in.

Rashami Desai

She told Paras that Arhaan had indeed helped her recover from that traumatic episode adding that there was nothing that Arhaan had said wrong in his conversation with Shefali Bagga.

This was after Paras slammed Arhaan for speaking about Rashami’s financial bankruptcy on national TV. Paras was privy to the conversation when Arhaan shared that episode with Shefali Bagga earlier this week. He had promised to bring that to Rashami’s attention, but little did he know that this would backfire for him.

Paras was perhaps confident that after Salman Khan’s revelation about Arhaan’s secret child he too would be able to corner the latter once again. But Rashami put paid to his nefarious motive.

While Paras and Siddharth were locked in a secret room, Arhaan was seen recalling the time when Rashami was left in financial ruin. Reacting to Arhaan’s claim, Siddharth had said mockingly, “So, Rashami had zero balance in her bank account and she showed that to him and he helped her.” Paras had said that he will tell Rashami about Arhaan’s claims.

Paras was also not happy with Vishal Aditya Singh and refused to reciprocate his hug after his return to the main house of the Bigg Boss show. Both were seen accusing each other of being hypocrites. Paras desperately tried to have Rashami Desai on his side but she did not join the conversation.


  1. It didn’t backfire,instead d while world knows that she was bankrupt,an she had d face to tell shehnaz that she could not afford designer dresses,d way she was phusphusaofying looks like they both r hand in glove in everything.


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