Pakistani TV anchor confuses Apple Inc with fruit; trends on social media


A video of a Pakistani TV anchor mixing up technology with fruit has gone viral on social media platforms. This was after a Pakistani TV anchor was left red-faced while confusing Apple Inc with the fruit apple during a programme that she was broadcasting on a Pakistani TV channel.

Pakistani TV anchor

In the said interview, a guest was speaking about the plight of the Pakistani economy as he said, “Apple’s business alone is several times bigger than Pakistan’s budget.” This elicited an innocent reply from the female anchor of the programme as she said, “True, I have heard that apples have many varieties.”

His response seemingly left the guest stunned as he stopped his speech for a second before choosing to correct the anchor by saying, “I am talking about Apple mobile. You are talking about apples that are meant to be eaten.” A visibly embarrassed anchor continued, ” Oh ok. I thought you were talking about the apple fruit.”

No sooner was the video shared on social media, users went berserk in posting their reactions. But not appeared to be critical of the anchor as she found some support. One user wrote, “She might be beautiful but ……. ????, it’s the Apple that always foxes her.” Another user commented, “Crazy Anchor #Apple business & types of apple, just some regular tv shows in #Pakistan! Funny #Pakistanis.” “Guys, its very easy to troll someone…..I don’t think that the anchor was at fault totally, the panelist never mentioned that he was talking about #applephones prior to that point…..and guess what? US exported $1bn worth of apples in 2018…,” defended on the user.

Like India, Pakistani electronic media also has many TV anchors who often come under attack for their lack of comprehension skills.


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