Pakistani military General pokes fun after BJP MLA makes India laughing stock internationally


A high-ranking Pakistani military General has poked fun at India after a BJP MLA plagiarised the neighbouring country’s national song to dedicate it to the Indian army. The embarrassing act of Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh had heaped considerable embarrassment on India.

Pakistani military General

Reacting to Singh’s seemingly juvenile act, Pakistani military’s spokesperson, Major General Asif Ghafoor tweeted, “Glad that you copied. But copy to speak the truth as well. #PakistanZindabad.”

Remorseless and unfazed by the international shame that his act had caused, Raja Singh took to the microblogging site to flaunt how ‘even the Pakistani media’ was giving coverage to his copied song. He wrote, “Good to see even #Pakistan media is covering my song #HindustanZindabad. I’m more surprised that even a terriorst (sic) nation produces singer’s. #Pakistani singer’s may have copied my song we don’t have to copy anything from a terrorist state like Pakistan.”

Ghafoor responded to his tweet with more taunts, “Pakistani media isn’t covering the ‘so called’ song. In rest of the world this is called something else… Second sentence of previous tweet ie “But copy to speak the truth as well” stays valid as expected. This lie too not a surprise. That’s what was said, we can’t be surprised.”

Not only had Singh copied the music of the song Pakistan Zindabad (watch below) of the Pakistani military, but he also directly plagiarised its Urdu lyrics. Although he did replace some words of the song with Bharat Maa. What was even more embarrassing was his announcement that he will dedicate his version of the Pakistani patriotic song to the Indian army on the occasion of Ram Navami, celebrated on 14 April.

What Singh also did not realise was that the Pakistani military song that he was plagiarising was recorded to commemorate the capture of Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan in February this year. Worse still, Singh copied the Pakistani song to dedicate it to the Indian army.



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