Ouch! Arnab Goswami faces perfect match from Nepal as woman journalist holds up mirror to Republic TV founder on ethics of journalism; Saif Ali Khan’s co-star slam controversial anchor


Arnab Goswami has faced his perfect match from Nepal as a woman journalist held up a mirror to Republic TV founder on ethics of journalism days after Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait slammed the controversial anchor for shenanigans. A feisty Nepali journalist lashed out at India’s controversial TV anchor Arnab Goswami for his recent rant against Nepal after the neighbouring country’s political map left India seething. Goswami and his pro-RSS guests had slammed Nepal for releasing a controversial political map allegedly at the behest of China.

Journalist Shail Suman Silwal released her point-by-point rebuttal on Facebook, where the video has gone viral. She said, “Dear Arnab Goswami, it’s funny how you are making this khayali pulao (imaginary dish) that Nepal is a puppet to China. It gets funnier when you say that Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipulekh belong to India without doing any homework.

Goswami in his recent TV programme had said, “India has warned Nepal against making unjustified and catastrophic false assertions on Indian territory…Do what you think is in your best interests but think of long term consequences.”

Reacting to that, the Nepali journalist said, “It’s crazy how you believe that Nepal has to seek approval or permission before publishing its own political map. It gets crazy when you think India has the authority or power over sovereign Nepal to teach it how to rule its own country. Did India ask approval or permission before publishing its own political map? Should we? A bigger no.”

Continuing his attack against Nepal, Goswami had said that one did not have be an expert on foreign affairs to detect a hidden ‘China hand’ behind Nepal’s sudden aggressive stand against India. The Nepali journalist said, “It’s ridiculous how you put China in this equation. But now that you have, it’s high time that you realise your equation with Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and China. China has not egged on Nepal to take this action.”

The Nepali journalist also did not spare the pro-RSS former Indian army general Lt General (Retd) GD Bakshi, who said that India and had Nepal had a relationship of roti-beti (bread and daughter). She said, “You talk about roti-beti but act as ghus paithi (intruders).”

Journalist Shail Suman Silwal also schooled Goswami on the basics of journalism as she said, “Being a journalist, I know that interviews are not made (sic) to demean your guests and drown them in your judgments, views and claims.”

Goswami had also not reacted when one of his pro-Hindutva guests claiming to be a defence expert had addressed the Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli as ‘clown.’ In her parting shot, Silwal said, “Addressing somebody else’s prime minister as clown shows how you have completely abandoned your ethics of journalism. Remember that you are a journalist. If you don’t know how to act like one, come to Nepal. We will teach you.”




  1. To put matters straight:
    1.I object to the action of the Nepal Government to “create” this new map.
    2. I equally object to the words, tone and tenor used by Arnab regarding an elected leader of any country.
    3.The uncomfortable question is that why is India at an all time “low” with its neighbours, be it Nepal, Pak, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.
    The answer is clear – because of hate mongers like Sh. Arnab Go-swami.

    • There are manu in India who post their self maid video. Why are u giving important to it. Looks like u r very proud and feel very happy to people against our country and our people.

    • And you can’t see the picture pakistan and china were not even in question ,they are an enemy nation always,comming to nepal its clear nepali communist party sides with china,what’s the fuss about it?india doesn’t need to care about nepal,all we need to do is,close the borders of nepal and let them suffer and depend on chinese to ferry essentials across the Himalayas .

      • Nepal is never suffered, be it British colony in your country or your ‘nice-big brother encroachment policy’. Your hate sentiments and demeaning attitude will have consequences. It’s tiny but not weak.your ban will lead to our internal production and mitigate foreign dependence!

  2. It is govt to govt, as already our govt objected, so koswami did not put his nose on it. now china is making skirmishes in border, can we say somebody is behind it?

  3. Cannot expect a better article than this from a communist like mindset backed tabloid..

    What is evident in this entire article..
    1. The author is happy that arnab is schooled.. ( unfortunatly not even bothered on who is doing it, what is the intention of the person or why etc.) Evidence of just carrying a anti arnab article irrespective of content
    2. Reading between lines lookes like the author also spooked in a very similar way like shail suman.. Only author can explain it why some one should not criticise or see a conspiracy angle
    3. Just like the person they are criticizing the author and tabloid is also exhibiting suprimistic mindset trying trample all the views and voices voices which think opposite to their views ( this is hypocracy which typically communists carry, cannot expect better)

    • Kalapani to India ka hi rahega. Chahe jo ukhadna he ukhad lo. Reporter chahe Nepal ka ho ya india ka tum log TRP bahane ke liye Kitna bhi drama Kar lo. Lekin jo sacchai he Kalapani India se belong karta he use nahi badal sakte.
      Sabko Pata he yaha pe bolneka jarurat kisako nahi kon China ke talwe chat raha he wo sabko dikh raha he. Me ek indian Hu or mujhe Nepal me aane se kon rokta he wo bhi dekh lunga.

  4. I am sure Arnab bhakts will troll this girl (of course they first have to read other’s view point 🙄) . We talk about Ram for brotherly love, but act like Ravan (for putting his family in danger due to selfish motives) 🤡
    Reg his journalism – we talk as much less about it the better – I stopped watching R! long time ago because of his 2-yr old tantrums 🤫

    • Did you know the meaning of bhakt or just you also use this word as sheep follows to next person. People like you they called themselves liberal and educated, when you will get the right meaning of bhakt then try to use it again in such comments. All comment you can write in English but bhakt you can’t because you don’t respect to hindu and it’s scriptures. Old school time when we read stories about bhakta Pralhad we feel proud to used this word bhakta as honor to that person for his respect his love and his beliefs toward his lord and now this days people like you they use this word as swearwords. shame on you.
      Namaste and please respect 🙏🙏🙏

    • My friend
      First let your government shut their cheap and weird political behaviours towards Nepal. Whole world knows about Indian politics shameless.

  5. Hang on a second. Did this woman journalist just say that “when it comes to the National Interest, sovereignty, integrity of Nepal, we think beyond our political differences.” To me, this sounded like “let us do our thing, or we will join China.” And that’s more of a threat. Nepal is a land-locked country. Do you really think the Chinese care about a single Nepalese soul after what they did with a much bigger land-locked nation like Tibet?

  6. If you think I’m wrong, that’s alright. The great Dalai Lama lives with us and in everyone’s hearts. If Nepal is going to go down that road, we shall welcome their King too. ♥️

  7. When dealing with neighbor country all journalist should be careful, it has direct impact on relation among neighboring countries. The other country people also no need to react like this because of people like arnab and his views, many of indians also don’t agree with his arnab views.

  8. If what the Nepali journalist is saying is true, then why are the Nepalese Monks grieving about Chinese presence near their temples. If what this Nepalese journalist is saying is true then why after so many years Nepal has suddenly shown its aggression ? Till this date everything that they eat has been coming from India. It’s not about Chinese Hand Arnab but they are now finding that China can take care of them, the way they are taking care of other looted lands.

    Forget about open speeches, once Nepal is in the hands of the Chinese then this Journalist can never find enough words to even say something. And respected G D Bakshi please note that roti beti relationship has been there with Nepal but, abhi Chinese Noodles ka zamana hai. Nepal wale noodles kha ke khush ho rahe hai. Inko ho lene dijiye. Woh din door nahi jab yehi log aur Nepal ke log China ke khilaaf ho jayenge. Bakshi sahab yeh kaliyug hai aur Nepal wohi kar raha hai – Vinash Kale Viparit Buddhi.

  9. This is highly disappointing to see the irrational content being promoted on this website. I think the media should avoid abusing India and promoting Anti-India content on their website in the name of your anger against a particular journalist. You may diagree with Arnab..to great extent I also disagree with him. But this should let us become victim of promoting anti-national content. The content is highly abusive to India and abuse to all Indians as *Ghuspaithi…* This is highly derogatory and intolerable comment which should not be promoted. Please use your common sense and don’t let your opposition against a particular anchor to become victim of anti-national propaganda…

  10. I think all indian citizens to act now on Indian media specially anchor and journalist like goswami, सुधीर, अंजना, and others who spreading hate and creating communal disturbance in the country, need to eliminate, or cancelled their licence to run the channel or the best thing need to do declare these journalist as a terrorist and put them in the jail for life

  11. Goswami is a idiot and errogant and उनrespectes journalist he don’t deserve to be call as journalist he is mad dog

  12. The one above may be slow but sure. A FIR is pending and a CID investigation is on. Let us hope for the fair judgement.

  13. Idiot lady journalist First stop young Nepali girls push to India by your own pimps into India to become a prodtitutes Being a woman take interest in your personal horrible matter You look absolutely gutter born midocre journalist

    • go and see mirror shame on u u will spit in mirror whey u see your own face don’t talk nonsense your expressions showing how dirty cheap you people are. Thanks God IAM not Indian

  14. No Doubt. Nepal Is Savouring Khayali Pulao Dished Out From Corona Land.You Will Wake Up When You Find These Chinese Using Nepal As An Open Defecation Ground.

    • What a way this lady schooled this black spot on journalism who’s playing with the sentiments of majority of idiots who we call blind bhakts, you cannot call a PM of a country a clown and a sovereign country a puppet and not expect any retaliation, arnab is a mad man the sooner we expect that the better he has a impeccable track record for shaming journalism and a country, it’s time we put these rabid dogs behind and not stand with our heads down as a nation because of this extremist terrorists and a cancer to india.

  15. How come Nepal , one day got up and redrawing their borders. For last so many years India helped Nepal in all aspects, including at the time of earthquakes etc etc. There is Chinese plan which are played by communist CM, who is supported by China. Nepal people and their journalist ( Most of them studied in India) and worked for Indian papers started their newspaper business in Nepal. So do not try to enjoy cheap publicity by putting video like this.

  16. this girl dont know anything paid chinese girl talk foolishness . go and check the history .
    india nepal alwys brothers not even a single puss or dog and harm both country .

  17. All above whoever mentioned

    The truth nobody can digest as I’ve seen here. Totally out of track, meaningless, just disgusting, come for the real matters
    India Nepal border dispute abt map.

    I respect India but not Indian politics
    The whole world knows about Indian politics as you all do well.
    Thanks for all nonsenses comment here you all did.

  18. I don’t know who’s that so called Defence expert but he better watch his mouth calling someone else’s prime minister Clown when he himself looks like Pani puri wala. Won’t be flattened if someone stabs that shit to death👌


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