Online Poll: Should Siddharth Shukla be immediately evicted from Bigg Boss house for repeated violence amidst comparison with rape and murder?


Supporters of Asim Riaz have taken to social media to mount pressure on Colors TV to immediately kick Bigg Boss contestant Siddharth Shukla out for his repeated violence in the competition. Social media has exploded in anger against Siddharth after he was seen head-butting Asim before violently pushing him away on Wednesday night.

Siddharth Shukla

Asim was also seen complaining to Bigg Boss, but the makers of the reality show turned a blind eye allegedly because Siddharth is deemed to be very close to the show’s host Salman Khan. Salman is believed to have thrown his weight behind Siddharth prompting the TV channel to ignore his violence.

One user Shivi Indian wrote on Twitter, “It’s like #siddharthashukla can slap, push , misbehave or even murder … But @ColorsTV & @BeingSalmanKhan will come and justify all his activities in his JAGRATA…”

Former contestant Kamal R Khan, who was evicted from the show for violence in the past, wrote on Twitter, “I was the biggest Gunda in #BiggBoss3 house and #SidhartShukla is the biggest Gunda in #BiggBoss13 house. Same to same. Lol! Love you Sid. So #EvictSiddharthShukla also!”

Film critic Sumit Kadel tweeted, “Supporters of Shukla ji defend his violence against #Asim the same way rapists & their supporters defend rape by blaming women wearing short clothes.. Contemptible & dastardly encouragement to violence by the makers of
@BiggBoss @ColorsTV #BiggBoss13 . #EvictSidharthShukla”

In light of the growing controversy over Siddharth Shukla, Janta Ka Reporter is asking you the readers whether the violent contestant should be evicted from the reality show.


Should Siddharth Shukla be immediately evicted from Bigg Boss for repeated violence?

No, his violence is necessary for TRP
Don’t know!



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