Online ‘guru’ IAS topper Tina Dabi Khan finally reveals secret to her glowing skin


IAS topper Tina Dabi Khan was asked by her fans on social media what made her look so pretty even after a long day’s work. Not completely evading her fan’s question, Tina had replied, “Hahaha, thank you! The weather here, at present, is so soothing and pleasant that one looks good spirited even after the day’s work.” That was during her field trip to Maharashtra in July last year.

Many months later, the affable civil servant has finally decided to share her beauty secrets on her newly launched website. Tina, who’s married to Kashmiri IAS topper Athar Aamir Khan, wrote, “I do not claim to be a beauty expert nor do I know about the field much. However, I will try to share the things that have worked for me.”

Laying emphasis on drinking plenty of water, Tina wrote, “You have may heard this or read about it a billion times, so let me confirm it. Its true. It really is. Drinking as many glasses of water in a day really makes you feel good from the inside (no gut problems) and gives your skin a beautiful glow.”

She continued, “The best possible routine in this regard (which has worked for me) is as follows: 1. I start my day with a glass of water. After my morning ablutions, the first thing I do is to drink a glass of water. It instantly refreshes and flushes out all toxins in the body. 2. After half an hour of roaming about and planning my schedule for the day, I drink another glass of water.”

She said that two glasses of water taken early in the morning were the most crucial. “They will be instrumental in brightening and clarifying your skin,” she added.

According to Tina, this should be then followed by consuming at least seven glasses of water across the day. A glass of water before sleeping, she continued, acts as a ‘calming and soothing force to your body.’

Asking her fans to share their results with her, Tina concluded her post.

Last week, Janta Ka Reporter had first reported how Tina had decided to turn into an online guru, promising to share tips on various topics including on how to crack the IAS exam. With the kind of response she’s already receiving, she appears destined to achieve new heights on this front too.


  1. Is she an IAS officer or a bollywood celebrity?
    Articles surfacing about her glowing complexion, keratin hair treatment, romantic dinners and honeymoon???
    I mean, seriously…. DoPT and GoI should take this matter up seriously and pull up this young woman IAS officer for getting such cheap and showy articles published in her name. Obviously these are all paid news and highly uncalled for.

    She should maintain the dignity and integrity of the position she holds, that of an IAS officer and should avoid indulging in such cheap publicity stunts. She should also be aware of the fact that she holds office of the most highly respected job in the country, that of an IAS officer and should act accordingly.

    People are interested in the efficiency of a bureaucrat, the work and that can be known even if it is not published in media. People are not interested in the “glowing skin, keratin hair treatment or romantic dinners and honeymoon destinations” of IAS officers………

    Hope this makes some sense
    Thank you


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