On India Today, Sambit Patra uses derogatory term for Sonia Gandhi, addresses Congress spokesperson as Rahul Gandhi’s dog


BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on Friday night used a derogatory word for former Congress President Sonia Gandhi and addressed one Congress spokesperson as Rahul Gandhi’s dog. Patra, the controversial BJP spokesperson, now finds himself subjected to incessant criticism because of his loose talk on India Today channel.

Sambit Patra

Patra was taking part in a TV show hosted by Rajdeep Sardesai on India Today. While discussing the new revelation on the Rafale deal, Patra reiterated his government’s resolve to build the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. He even taunted Sardesai that the latter too will come to Ayodhya to perform puja at the new Ram Temple.

Patra then launched a tirade against Sonia Gandhi using derogatory words. He said, “This Rahul Gandhi, whose mother comes from Italy and says that Ram does not exist. Will this Antonio Maino construct the temple?” He repeated the line several times before informing the show’s host that ‘Antonio Maino’ was not going to construct the temple. Curiously, the show was discussing the new development in the Rafale deal after Congress President Rahul Gandhi alleged that Dassault had paid a ‘kickback’ of Rs 284 crore to Anil Ambani’s Reliance.

Patra did not stop here. He then attacked the Congress spokesperson, Pawan Khera by referring to him as Rahul Gandhi’s dog. He said, “Mr Pidi (name of Rahul Gandhi’s dog), you don’t have to shout like this.

Reacting to Patra addressing him as Rahul’s dog, Khera tweeted, “When they have no answers, they threaten, abuse and resort to cheap theatrics. They know, there days are numbered.”

Sardesai too came under attack from social media users, who felt that Patra should not have been given space on his channel since he was notorious for making distasteful remarks. Responding to a user on Twitter, Sardesai issued an apology. He wrote, “I apologise to you ma’am and all viewers of my show for the level of language used. As an anchor, I should have done better to control such coarse language.. I lost control over part of the ‘debate’.”



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